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CSI: Miami serves as consolation tonight

Driver's test: FAIL

I kind of knew right from the start it wasn't going to go well when he told me to turn on the parking brake, and hearing the word "on" I was immediately confused and couldn't figure out if he meant the high beams or the hazard lights or the parking lights.  After about ten seconds, it sank in that he was talking about the lever you pull up.  And that was AFTER I'd already made a fool out of myself by not being able to understand the initial directions when I drove up, and pulled into a waiting space that was for people who didn't have pre-scheduled appointments, meaning we sat there for twenty minutes waiting in vain for an examiner until Dad thought to ask.

Out on the course, I tried 3 times to back into a parking space and still crashed into the far set of flags.  Then in my parallel park I was about a mile away from the curb, as in half in the space and half in the street, and couldn't figure out how to correct it any better.  Ooh, and I clipped the flag coming out.  (I did both of these scenarios perfectly yesterday, multiple times over.)  And then I ran over the curb both for my "parking on a hill" and my final park.  I'm really bitter about the curb, because I've only previously done that about three times in my life.  I could have screwed up the other two parking things and been just fine, but the curbs sent me a good way towards the fail.  -10 points. 

And then there were my right turns.  Lost 16, 16 points on those, because he thinks I cut my turns too close.  The hell?  Not once in my entire driving experience have I run onto the curb or the shoulder in making a right turn.  It is the first thing I learned how to do; there is nothing easier about driving than right turns.  And apparently I utterly messed up one of the traffic lights/stop signs too, which I was completely unaware of during the test.

Then there's an abbreviation on the sheet that says "DQ" and I wonder if that one means "disqualified", making all of the above moot.  "DQ - left turn from wrong marked lane."  If that is indeed what it means, then it was kind of cruel to make me finish the whole nerve-wracking test.   The worst part is that I have no idea where I went wrong on that, because he said something during the test but I couldn't process it and don't remember it, and I now I cannot visualize where that place was, which means I will probably make all the same mistakes on my next test (16 fricking days away, and as a bonus, the same week I have cavities filled), and will never, ever pass.  I went back and polled my friends, and it turns out that except for that one, every single person I know managed to pass on their first try.  *is extraordinarily bitter*  

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