RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

In which I am almost a bad person

I was on YouTube (like a fool, like a fool!) yesterday to review a clip from the 100th episode after I had to return the DVDs, and you will be very pleased to know that even though I ALMOST went on a wild binge of season 6 Caskett scenes, I tore myself away after only sneaking two.

While watching the 5x19 clip, my eyes couldn't help noticing one tiny sidebar video that said something like "6x02 hospital end," and after thinking about it for 24 hours (since I did see the 6x02 promo on TV), I said "what the hell" and watched it.

BECAUSE SWEETNESS. And awww at it not occurring to him that people other than Beckett might be there at first. And more awww at Alexis's cheek kiss.

And THEN my eyeballs couldn't help notice another clip from that episode, and it's only one, so I watched it too - Castle getting out of the car and collapsing. Do you know how much I enjoy it when she breaks out the "Rick" because I DON'T THINK YOU DO.

This is the same delicious dilemma I had over Grissom vs. Gil, but since we have more home-life canon here, I think I am more justified in my beliefs that Castle he is and Castle he shall affectionately remain, reserving "Rick" for the most serious and/or intimate moments. Oh, and also, this episode just seems like it will be FULL of hurt/comfort. (unless of course I've already watched both scenes, but it feels like there should be at least one more)

And then my eyeballs started noticing other things from season 6, but other than a "waking up" scene somewhere in the middle of the season (I think it was #14?), I kicked myself out and closed the tab. Excellent job, Me.
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