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The Community-viewing project we have going on is starting to feel a lot like my Doctor Who era

(in terms of always being behind and watching it on my own inconsistent terms, in a semi-isolated bubble, and how strange and weird it's going to feel when the episodes run out)

This has been an awful mess of a weekend, minus the brief run I was able to make to Savers for the 50%-off-books sale weekend and little bit of time boyfriend and I spent together, and my post is going to be an awful mess in response.

-Savers netted me I Haz a Hotdog ($1), which I gave to said boyfriend to improve his mood after feeling under the weather, but the real find was Jewel's gorgeous and artistic memoir Chasing Down the Dawn for $2.50.

-Meanwhile, boyfriend time netted me quality television...but you know what's hard? Choosing random episodes of How I Met Your Mother to show someone who hasn't seen the majority of the episodes. He likes what he's seen of the show in syndication but I never know if our humorous tastes will match up.

Ergo, a vote: what are the best episodes of season 3? I've tried the premiere and The Bracket and I just don't think I've nailed it yet. Each one makes me feel guilty for steering him into buying season 3 instead of season 2 when he had the option. My Ted/Robin hatred coupled with my anger at the temporary Marshall/Lily breakup blinded me to the fact that season 2 has way more standouts.

-Speaking of tastes not syncing up...

Community, 5x04
I more or less forgot that Pierce had died in the week between this episode and the last, so the Hawthorne Inquisition of Pre-Will Reading was a surprise. I will totally go on the record as hating Pierce, by the way. It's important to stick to your hatey guns and not let death stop you. News of Chevy's departure was the best music to my ears since Eric Dane left Grey's Anatomy.

But to be honest, I was just...really bored by the whole thing, not least because it was like he was still there with us, with all his gross lines. I did like Pierce's generous gift to Shirley, and was oddly touched in the heart muscle by his words to Troy, but other than "Troy and Abed are in mourning" ("YOU WERE SINGING MOURNING WITH A 'U'??") and Shirley's admonishment of the "judgmental bitch" reading the lie dector, I know I didn't laugh too much. I'm also kind of tired of them ruining nice things, like the origins of Troy & Abed's secret handshake. Harmon what r u doing. I don't know if I'm watching wrong or if this is actually the first not-so-good season they have had. It feels like the latter.

Except, on a random note, I'm pretty sure my Britta Perry appreciation goes up every episode. She and Shirley are now my clear favorites. Troy worked his way up to third at some point in the past year too, which is unfortunate given pending events.

P.S. dollsome and crackers4jenn both abandoned their posts re: reliable Community episode reaction posts. THIS HAS BEEN AN UPSETTING ROUTE OF DISCOVERY. If you're down and Television Without Pity's shut down, where do people talk about this show?? How do I know if my feelings are right? How do I know what happened beyond the like four things my goldfish brain can remember happening in any given non-stellar episode?
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