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Castle some more!

I watched 5x23, and it was indeed as uncomfortable and demoralizing as I thought it would be,carrying unhappy tension-memories of that time Pam Beesley moved to New York and it was A TERRIBLE IDEA. She hasn't even left yet and I still made the internet tell me how long it will take before Beckett is back where she belongs because I hated the smug suggestions that being "just a detective" isn't enough. (not on my watch, sir! Not as long as I have Mac Taylor as my NY law enforcement role model, anyway) Thankfully it is a short period, but it's still long enough to give me Grumpyface.

That said, I did quite enjoy the pair of them being shot at by a dive-bombing, blank-shooting remote control airplane.
To calm my crankiness, I watched the bonus features and HOLY GOOD LORD, if ever there was a Castle DVD you needed to buy, it is THIS ONE. Not only is it it the best season by far, it also contains 100% amazing special features.

Martha's Master Class: An amazing in-character narration of how the Play Across The Way during the 100th episode was created. You actually learn some things! You also get to hear some awesomely terrible fake dialogue during Kate's "attack" scene. "Oh my goodness, this hurts! This hurts really bad! I feel like I'm being attacked!"

Your Home Is Your Castle: what's that? Is it...A SET TOUR  ALL ABOUT CASTLE AND BECKETT'S HOMES? I THINK IT IS! I freaking love set design. So many tiny details, and even a discussion of which areas within New York they live. I don't know how many times I'm going to have to watch this to drink in every detail, but I know the answer is "a lot." I especially love the emphasis on the piles of books in Beckett's place, and the photographs I've literally never noticed hanging around Castle's place.

Cops on the Lot: In which the actors who play Ryan & Esposito play themselves, but act decidedly like their characters for exaggerated effect as they, respectively, brown-nose/swagger their way through a day of SWAT training exercises. It is hysterical and cracktastic.

Deleted Scene for 5x23: it's nice to have more moments at home with them alone, but nicer to have it separated from the episode proper. My heart is in an emotionally fragile place. (there are more deleted scenes scattered on other discs, but I don't know that any were super memorable beyond the one for 5x19)

Blooper Reel: Because, I mean, who doesn't love a blooper reel? All great DVDs have blooper reels. The best one is Huertas putting on his Sassy Gay Best Friend voice to explain what's happening on the reality show. Runner-up is Nathan's inability to stop dirtying up the line from the Christmas ep that starts with "How big is it?" That is actually a lot of double entendres I did not notice before. Third place: "I can't get closer emotionally to Jon than this." Fourth: "It's getting late and I have to drop off...Molly. That's not her name in the show."

I have 2 weeks of Under the Dome to catch up on:

Last week's episode was not terribly memorable aside from Barbie getting the beatdown again, his subsequent name-taking and ass-kicking of his own, seeing everybody with Hunter, secret-spilling the whole SAM IS A MURDERER thing at the drop of a hat (I'm impressed), the reveal that the red door they're seeking is in Barbie's original yard (so...what about the one in the woods?)...and best of all, that SUPER TWISTY way they got back into Chester's Mill -- specifically, Barbie's memory of meeting Melanie as a little boy. (tl;dr if Barbie wasn't on the screen, I was bored). This sounds like a lot, but I promise it was the minority of the screen time.

But this week, "The Fall," had all KINDS of twisty fun!
-Pauline reuniting with Big Jim and Junior. And then almost immediately devolving from a competent, rational person into the break-with-sanity figure we were told about all through season 1. That was actually impressive.

-JULIA/BARBIE REUNION HUG #459. And also that cute snuggly scene in the diner where they attempt to talk about their future again and Barbie makes loyalty promises I doubt his ability to keep, but which sound very nice and comforting.

-Joe and Norrie (almost) being cuddly couch puppies, aw.

-Angie returns! At least, in visions as a Dome manifestation, but I will take it.

-Forget time-locked and age-appropriate Melanie/Sam shipping. I WILL SHIP THAT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, WITHOUT GUILT. I have a lot of thoughts on this, like how she should have woken up with the same in-love feelings she died with, and despite maybe needing to adjust to him being an old man, still miss him. I want him to wrestle between the ethics of their current ages and his inability to deny still having All The Feelings upon seeing her again.


-WTF DID YOU DO NOW, BIG JIM? You threw the egg off the cliff AND apparently caused it to go all "The Way Is Shut"?

-Oh man, poor Phil. Also, that is one of the most gruesome bodies I've ever seen on TV, even counting Criminal Minds.

The preview: don't mind me I'm just gonna be rolling "I came back for you, you come back for me!" in my head for the rest of the week, at least when I'm not busy being all "YES FREEZING TEMPERATURES THREATENING LIFE, MY FAVORITE TROPE OF ALL!!"

They also showed a "special sneak preview" of "Scorpion," and I just...I really want to love it because Kat McPhee (I'm so glad she keeps getting hired), but I just cannot find it in my heart to do so. It has the same bland feeling of Dude Overload that H50 or NCIS: LA has. I may give its premiere a shot, because it'll air right before the Under the Dome finale, but I have low hopes. And also I might prefer to watch Sleepy Hollow; not sure yet.
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