RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Unrelated ramblings, plus updated Mole Polls

School is over.  Starting my summer job tomorrow.  Living on campus, working on cleaning crew...6 AM-2:30 PM.  Such inopportune work hours.  Nothing happens in the afternoons, but TV kicks in at 7, and I like to stay up late.  It would be so much nicer if I could work an 8-4:30 job like most people here.  Will stop bitching now. 

I turned in my last homework assignment at 2:30 this afternoon and went to sleep until the noise of my TV running out of tape space halfway through Grey's Anatomy woke me up.  I still need to catch up on all kinds of TV.  School was such a whirlwind rush that sweeps were more than half over by the time I got a chance to pause.  And all I can think about now are CSI and CSI Miami spoilahs.  Your Tax Dollars at Work had over 120 pages on the spoiler thread before we crashed the boards.  Again.  Some more.  GrissSaraTalk is still up, but it's a pain in the butt to wade through that mess.  No categories whatsoever.

Time to update the Mole Poll, which has expanded greatly since I added "second death," and last week I added two more categories...warnings, some spoilers ahoy, but you already knew that, didn't you?  Otherwise cut for general boring-ness.

Only One More Episode for Updating Before the Polls Close!

The Mole

Calleigh: 52%

Eric: 15%

Alexx: 15%

Natalia: 7%

Ryan: 6%

Valera: 5%

Other: 1%


Second Death (keeping in mind it may also be the mole)

Eric: 36%

Alexx: 26%

Calleigh: 24%

Ryan: 5%

Minor Secondary Character (DNA techs, Jessop, etc.): 5%

Other: 2%

Horatio: 1%

"Hello?  Death 2 is a total red herring!": 1%

Free But Wimpy Bet - The Mole: $3

Free But Wimpy Bet - Not the Mole: $5


Where Are We Headed When We Leave The Country?

Brazil: 65%

Mexico: 25%

Surrounding islands/central america: 6%

Other: 4%


Marisol's Surprising Secret

Working with Mala Noche: 40%

Pregnant: 30%

Molish Tendencies (is a mole, helping mole, etc.): 12%

Doesn't Really Have Cancer: 10%

More Than One of the Above: 8%

Free Bet: Choose Your Own: Dollar value will be assigned on case-by-case basis

Tags: csi: miami, polls, school, work

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