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Grey's Anatomy - 3x21, "Desire"

Sorry; turns out that a rantview is the most effective form of dealing with the latest Grey's Anatomy episode.  I tried to resist.  I couldn't.  But not because I was mad.  Oh no - it's just that I was having too much fun with this episode to write thoughtful paragraphs.  Except for occasional moments of extreme disgust, I sat there watching in one uninterrupted string of glee.
  1. This is the cutest opening ever.  Cristina should invite the intern gang over more often.  The "hot seat" setup for the study party was...well, it's like a way placate the people who like to write "what if they all went to college together?" fics.  But in a believable way, which is good, because they really ARE amusing studying together.
  2. Did Cristina call Burke “honey”?  More than once?  I think my ears are hearing things that aren't there. But if not, SO.  ALREADY.  MARRIED.
  3. Hah, Meredith, let’s see if you can be Addison.  Derek’s growing distant and not paying attention to you.  Will you cheat on him to feel like someone cares, or can you stick your own issues aside and support him?
  4. Oh, Burke, please…stop micro-managing.  Never mind; as usual, Cristina says it better: "Cakes and little place cards?  He’s turning into a girl."
  5. …yes, I often feel closer to my friends after I sleep with them.  George, stop using slash-shipper logic; it never works. 
  6. Ava: “It’s like watching a soap!”  HAHAHA…no wait, that was meta.  Not funny.  I hate meta jokes when they're blatant like that.
  7. MITCH PILEGGI IS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD!  *snickers uncontrollably*  From this point forward, I do not care what his character name is - he shall be referred to as Mitch.
  8. In a note of randomness, Izzie's hair is totally fantastic today, all bouncy and fact, she's just extra pretty all around.
  9. But more importantly, George’s hair has grown out again.  It's becoming overgrown and a little curly, and it's really really attractive, and I think I may be in love with him now.  Can we just skip to the part where Callie is gone already?  Because with that hair, I will totally be on board with Gizzie due to their dual cuteness.  [Edit: Yes.  Right there, in the course of about seven minutes - admittedly helped by the content of the preceding episode, and in a world where I am still pretending they never slept together - I went from passionately hating Gizzie to making it my 4th favorite pairing]
  10. Mitch's assistant, Celeste, to Addison: "Do you realize how hard it is to find someone you can work *and* play with?"  Yes, yes she does.  His name was Derek Shepherd.  And he left her to go screw the slutty intern.  Bottom line, lady, walk the hell away from your married boss.

Voice: I love the part where you skip over “McDreamy grew cold and distant, so she cheated on him first.”
RS: Because that was Mark’s fault for being a bad friend and not trying to help them stay together.  Duh.

  1. Oh yes!  Keep the Chief in power!  HE’S ONLY 53??  Way too young to retire.  Convince him to stay, Mitch!  CONVINCE HIM...*shakes fist*
  2. Ugh, more girl talk with Callie.  Must get Addison out of here ASAP.
  3. “Someone stable who barbeques and teaches little kids how to play catch”?  THAT’S what she wants, and she’s mooning over ALEX?  What the FUCK Addison, have you been taking stupid pills for the last year?  How many times do I have to explain to you that Mark = Alex and Alex = Mark, and they are the same person, just ten years apart?  See, it's even in a convenient little rhyme so it's easy to remember.
  4. Oh.  Never mind, she does realize that.  And she also realizes “he’s like twelve years old.”  Thank you!  I’ve been waiting for someone to realize the weird age disconnect that permeates this hospital.
  5. “Guys like him mess around in their twenties and then pack it in”?  *shoots Callie between the eyes* WRONG.  Guys like him are permanent frat boys, because he is Mark and Mark is him.
  6. Addison: “I need to stop thinking about both of them.”  YES.  Exactly.  Which you could accomplish by going to L.A.  Right now.  Allez vite!
  7. Bailey and Sydneys’ rivalry is awesome.  I just thought I'd point that out.
  8. The "penish fish" is making me laugh so hard right now, I almost have tears in my eyes.  I am 12.
  9. Gross - babies aren’t beautiful…and certainly not while half-born and still bloody.  Come on, Alex, don't lie like that.
  10. Frankly I think Ava’s faking her panic to win him points with Addison.  I am probably wrong, but since I like my theory, I'm sticking with it.
  11. See? Izzie and George eating cake IS CUTE!!!  Oh my God, I've become a Gizzie Girl. I watched this scene about six times over, because it's just so cute the way George - able to shed the memory of that awful night better than I am, and clearly with no lingering weirdness whatsoever - laughs and tells her to "shut up and eat cake" before shoving a piece in her mouth.  There is giggling and playful shoving and I'm almost too delighted to speak.  And that was before I noticed Callie looking distraught as she watched them. *delight factor multiplies*
  12. Aw, crap.  Addison's yelling at Alex about "another Denny Duquette" situation, which is fantastic, but somehow I sense that's not the real issue here, which makes me mad.  Why can’t Addison just be angry for the sake of being angry? The entire reason I fell in love with her is because she laid the smackdown on Alex and tortured him by assigning him to her branch of medicine.  We found common ground in hating Alex.  She's not allowed to fall in love with -  
  13. "EW!! Get.  Addison.  Out.  Of. Seattle.  Grace.  NOW.
  14. You don’t understand - that squeal I just let out there? Was not just text, it was audible.  It was audible from down stairs. The kiss alone was more horrifically squickifying than George and Izzie’s drunken sex (even though I deny such a thing ever happened).  It was even more horrific than George and Meredith’s cry-inducing sex. 
  15. Addie/Alex = ew, ew, ew.  I have to go scrub my retinas and brain in a tub of bleach now.  And we didn't even see nudity!  That's how wrong this pairing is.  DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!  The whole reason I rejoiced when I heard about Addison's spinoff was "YAY!  Now I don't have to worry about Addison ever sleeping with Mark (again) or Alex!"  How dare you throw this in at the last minute!
  16. I laugh at Mark's "wounded" expression, which looks a lot like constipation. 
  17. By the way, why don't these people ever stop to fix their hair and/or adjust their clothes before they stumble conspicuously back out into hallway?
  18. Whoaaaa, I would not want to be trapped in an elevator with an irate Callie.  I currently fear for Izzie’s life.  Hit the panic button, Izzie!  Call for emergency rescue!
  19. Hah, hah, hah, I so do not feel sorry for Callie.  No!  I do not!  I only see parallels to Addison when it conveniences me, and it does not convenience me in this case.  Tell Callie to go eff herself, Izzie (…unintentionally DIRTY); you have as much right to a best friend as she does to husband resulting from a sham Vegas wedding.  Nyah!
  20. Not feeling sorry for Mark, either.  NYAH-NYAH!
  21. Do feel sorry for George, though.  He’s so caring.  Lookit!  Lookit him cajoling Izzie and trying to get her to tell him what's wrong!  Awww... :-'(
  22. George, bewildered: “What happened to us being fine?” Callie.  Callie happened.  Wow, I really hate Callie. 

V: I’m telling you, RS said all the same stuff about Addison for most of season 2.

  1. Seriously, the little fish my favorite medical case of the season.  Hee, hee, hee.  I am not even 12, I'm like 10. Though in my defense, Cristina is rabidly excited about it too.
  2. Buh...wuh...did Mark just flat-out try to convince Meredith to sleep with him?!  OMG, it really IS a test of Meredith’s better-than-Addison-ness!  Something tells me she'll pass, though.  
  3. I also bet that Mark used exactly this same conversation to get into Addison’s pants the first time, only it worked on her because she and Derek had been struggling longer and unlike Meredith, she was aware of it.  See?  It was obviously all Mark's fault that her marriage failed. 
  4. “You’re actually one of the good ones.”  NO!  No he’s not!  George is and Preston is and Derek is.  Mark is not, so Alex is not.  END OF STORY.
  5. Dang it, Celeste, get back here!  It turns out Mitch’s wife is a cold-hearted bitch, so you can be with him after all!  If the baldness doesn’t bother you, you can overcome anything!  *sighs*
  6. Burke as Izzie's oddly appealing.  Burke's a good guy.  Even if he doesn't encourage or particularly want people to come to him with secrets, I'd totally trust him with mine.
  7. You know, with all the cute kisses and running fingers through his hair, I must admit Meredith IS being a good girlfriend...
  8. Oh wait, now she’s just being slutty.  Mere?  This is kind of unnecessary.  Sex does not fix all problems.  When there is a deeper issue at hand, sex only causes more problems.  
  9. (scene switch) Seriously, am I supposed to feel bad for Mark because his Addie dear doesn't want him, and he's making a noble sacrifice by letting her go without making her feel bad about turning her back on him?  *snorts* Soooo don't care.  Of course, I can't really hear the words in this scene because I'm too busy tap-dancing on the grave of Maddison.
  10. (scene switch back) SEE?  Here is the sex causing more problems.  At the very least, iIt would have been easier on all of us if you'd just curled up and fallen asleep afterwards instead of pestering him to talk.  Naked in bed is not a good place for serious and possibly very heavy conversations.
  11. I’d like to take a moment now to thank TPTB ever so much for not making us witness this round of bedroom antics like they have so many times before. I’m watching the ep on the video player, you see, where fast-forwarding is much more difficult and less precise than with a tape, so I like when there’s nothing to fast-forward.  Kudos!
  12. Don’t make me think about Derek’s “favorite things” as they pertain to sex.  Ew. 
  13. *squeals* OOH!  They’re having the conversation!  He’s addressing how she didn’t swim!  YEAH!  Now, Derek, could you refrain from being an assh...frick, he's being an asshole about it.  McDreamy, she’s breathing fine, in case you haven't noticed. She’s been fine for like three episodes now; she doesn't need you to breathe for her.  If anything, she’s breathing for you.  Why am I using their stupid metaphors.
  14. Meredith, if I may make a suggestion, instead of running out in tears, why don’t you tell Derek about the part where your biggest impetus to come back to life WAS HIM?  How tiny moments weren’t enough?  How you needed to be with him for real?  Talk to him about that.  It might help.  I'm not saying I dislike his approach; I think it will make for some rather interesting episodes and it's certainly better than the silly love-triangle variety of angst they closed the last season on...I'm just having fun scolding the characters.  I like when I can lovingly scold them and wait for them to come around, rather than having to scream in horror and shield my eyes.
  15. *points triumphantly* BURKE GIVES FOOTRUBS.  Without prompting.  Burke is the best boyfriend ever.  
  16. Awww, with the throwing aside the flashcards and pinning her against the sofa, and the giggling that is such a welcome change from the early part of this season...and most especially, the swift fadeout. You know one of the many things I like about Burke and Cristina over MerDer?  The general lack of nudity.  It’s amazingly refreshing.
  17. Noooo, George, you can’t leave SGH!  Make Callie leave!  You can’t leave just when you've restored your perfect hair!
  18. Ending = um, WTF.  Alex?  Even though you totally don’t deserve Addison and never did and never will, it’s still extraordinarily assy of you to be so damn HARSH and leave my poor girl looking crushed and trying to hide heartbreak. *kicks him as Addison wanders outside in tears*
  20. And get me that closing song!  Now!  Anyone know what it was called/who it was by?

*phew* You know what, except for the last dirty fling that was so totally unnecessary, that was a pretty good episode.  My favorite since part 2 of the ferry arc, I think.


I will now resume being grumpy, upon finding out that last night my TV was having another one of its increasingly common fits where after a period in which it's turned off, it suddenly fails to recognize the fact that there's a videotape inside it, and the "eject" button has to be hit about 20 times before it wakes up and spits it out.  Only after ejecting and putting it back in can you hope to play/record on/otherwise continue using the tape. 

The problem?  I set my timer-record for Cold Case/Without a Trace last night and never checked to make sure the VCR was responding.  Consequently, no Sunday night shows for me to watch today.  -.-
Tags: cold case, grey's anatomy, tape disasters, tv commentary, without a trace

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