RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Huh. My copy of A Single Man just came in. I was going to read it with Kurt/Blaine in mind anyway, but now I think I'm going to take Isherwood's perspective into account too: he wrote it in response to his lover (temporarily) leaving him. Pretty sure it will not take that much effort to imagine Blaine imagining himself and Kurt in this context to distract himself from painful reality in The Darkest Timeline. It's method-acting-ception! (AM I SAYING THAT RIGHT??)

My only hesitation is that I hadn't quite decided who was going to play the role of the main character. On the one hand, I can more easily see Kurt drawing inward to close off the memories, trying to be impassive and distance himself from grief, but on the other hand I have spent a lot more time in Depressed Blaine's head, of which this would be the most indulgent form. Without knowing more about the writing style, I'm just not sure which is better.

[eta: screw it. Blaine wins, he always wins.] [edit 2: Igot about 20 pages in before Kurt made it clear this was his story. In the end it hardly mattered. It was pretty dull.]
Tags: glee, spoilers
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