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"WALMART: Fresh raspberries for $1.50 a pint, PLUS A LITERAL FREEBEE."

This is also the second time this summer I've found a sizable dead bug in my raspberries (though the last one was purchased at Aldi, and looked more like half a grasshopper), and now it's official, every time I crack open a carton I'm going to tremble in terror of what disgusting things might be lying hidden inside.

Or just never eat raspberries again unless they are served to me in a fancy dish, freshly washed.
In other news, I have watched the "46 Minutes" episode of HIMYM three times in the past ten days because I am INFINITY DELIGHTED by every single second of the New York plotline (the house plot with Mickey not quite so much, but it grows tolerable over time). And to my consternation, it is not under my HIMYM tag so I have no idea how I felt about it when it aired.

But I hope I felt the same as I do now, where I can't stop quoting "Straight pimpin', "New experiences suck!", "We go to party in slaughterhouse," "I'M YOUR TWO BEST FRIENDS!", Drunk Ted grabbing the bottle of vodka back from Barney all "I'm thirsty, it's good," "I'm winning all your chippies!", and to circle back to where I started this post... "Hell yeah, I'm buyin' my man a lap dance. Cause that's just, you I do!"
Tags: how i met your mother

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