RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Super Productive Sunday

a.k.a. That Day I Was Awake For Less Time Than People Usually Spend At Work

11:00 AM: Wake up (after sleeping for 9-10 hours) and internet
12-1: Work
1-2:15: Have lunch, shower, and otherwise get ready
2:20-3: Pick up boyfriend, stop at a random garage sale along the way, and continue to our Gateway Trail destination
3-5: Super-long walk!
5-6: Back to his place and recover for a little bit until beginnings of headache + weird exhaustion overtake me
6-6:30: Foolishly think it is necessary that I buy something I need tomorrow now instead of hoping I wake up early enough to get it before I'm trapped in work until evening.
6:40: Collapse in bed with skull-splitting headache, attempting to eat dinner but so tired and hurty that gnawing through French bread is almost too much effort
7:10 pm or so: Fall asleep and stay that way for next 12 hours (except waking up briefly at 9 before deciding to stay asleep, and then again for about 20 minutes circa 2am, tossing and turning, plagued by the nightmare that I have been fired)
P.S. This poll is messy and wrong and clearly overrun by the vermin fans of New New Who, yo, so let me just list you who the final four should have been:
-Sarah Jane Smith
-(actually I don't really care who comes in fourth, there are several good people)

The way it is now, I can still win if anybody but Jack takes the crown (although River Song is a depressing third-place choice if she wins over Rose or Sarah Jane), so I'm betting Jack will probaby emerge champion.

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