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Fall 2014 Watch List

First, I am 5 episodes away from being caught up on The Big Bang Theory, only to see a still from the premiere showing me that Penny has boy-cut short hair, which is so much gross/no/do not want that I've made the executive decision that until this is rectified to at least chin length, I will simply keep up with Shamy on YouTube/Tumblr and bin the rest. I'm a ruthless assassin now. Look at me funny and your show goes over the ledge.

Second, at this point, most of the shows I love are in storage for me, so stuff that's actually airing live is... well, new TV is kind of a wasteland at this point. I always wondered when I would reach this point, but frustratingly, it's an artificial wasteland because if I just had more TIME I would be on top of shows and maybe have more investment in what remains (can't I just win twenty million dollars and retire?). But this is my tradition for getting myself pumped, and usually it works.

1. The Mindy Project [Sept. 16]
You know what I miss most? Laughter. And I know that this show -- despite some previous declarations that it lacks consistency in that department -- took a swing upward for the better at the end of last year, and will deliver these unto me. Plus, I just love and greatly miss Mindy. I'm not shippin' the supposed OTP, but I am more than willing to get along with it for comedic value.

2. Criminal Minds [Oct. 1]
Because I miss Reid, and to my surprise I miss Garcia a lil' bit, and most of all, I'm pretty happy to have Jennifer Love Hewitt on my screen. A+ casting replacement! Did not expect you to pull that one off! Also gruesome murders, I look forward to those. Under the Dome awoke some latent bloodlust recently.

3. Survivor [Sept. 24]
Because this is the one show that can't ever *really* break my heart. It can toy with my emotions sometimes, but all is forgotten by the next season. I need some investment-free TV.

4. NCIS [Sept. 23]
I just saw a promo for this that appears to have Gibbs face to face with a wild wolf, so I have no idea what's going on but I'm excited. Also, I just remembered Ellie Bishop exists and bounced up in my seat a little bit for joy.

5. Sleepy Hollow [Sept. 22]
Even though I really enjoyed last season, and expect to enjoy the coming one, I have learned that I can go many months without feeling the need to see new episodes, so I am very casual about its return. Unless, of course, Ichabod and Katrina are reuniting quickly and then my excitement will increase 600%.

7. 2 Broke Girls [Oct. 27 -- ugh, so late!]
They had a kinda lackluster season last year. My normally-excited feelings have cooled a bit, but I am still looking forward to reuniting with Max.

8. NCIS: LA [Sept. 23]
I looked around and noticed how few shows I had, so...I guess maybe I will watch this after all?
New Shows I Haven't Made Up My Mind About Yet But Might Still Try, On Account Of The Wasteland Business

A) Bad Judge [ABC, Oct. 2]: Likely to be canceled quickly by all accounts, but man, Kate Walsh being off-the-wall kooky and trashy and this show being unabashedly TOTALLY LUDICROUS = I have been laughing hysterically at all of the trailers/clips I have seen so far.

B) Red Band Society [FOX, Sept. 17]: because I miss having a hospital show, and I really like Octavia Spencer, and this seems right up my alley. That said, it's on opposite Criminal Minds so my motivation to watch later may be low...luckily, it premieres early so I have 2 or 3 weeks to get invested.

C) Gracepoint [FOX, Oct. 2]: oh yeah -- I forgot I was going to try this. It's Thursdays at 8, which is perfect because the former Gladiator Arena Hour is echoing and empty now (mostly through my own fault). Let's see if I can fall in love with David Tennant again. I kinda miss that feeling.

D) How To Get Away With Murder [ABC, Sept. 25]: I also like Viola Davis, and the plot could be good, but it depends how interesting I find the other players and if it's excessively serialized or sexualized

Retired From Last Year: How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, Revolution
Lost and Wandering: Castle, Community, Glee, Law & Order: SVU, Grey's Anatomy
Also in grid form, even though it seems almost irrelevant at this point, because otherwise I'll forget when they actually air. That said, I will probably avoid watching anything live on FOX as we get closer to the end of the year because, you know...Glee promos.

7:00: 2 Broke Girls (...eventually)
8:00 Sleepy Hollow

7:00: NCIS
8:00: NCIS: NOLA? vs. The Mindy Project (8:30)

7:00 Survivor [Sept. 24]
8:00: Criminal Minds [Oct. 1] vs. Red Band Society? [Sept. 17]

8:00: Gracepoint vs. Bad Judge? [both October 2]
9:00: How To Get Away With Murder? [Sept. 25]
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