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Oh no, not another failed Rachelle Lefevre fandom

I probably should have taken it as a bad sign that Tumblr is showing an average of less than 200 notes for each standard episode-clip gifset in the Under the Dome tags, but COME ON, INTERNET, where are you? Why are there not twenty thousand Barbie/Julia stories for me to consume at a voracious pace as I tear apart the usual nourishment sources?

Like...there are decidedly more than there were for Off The Map, but we're still talking well under a hundred, and they're basically all oneshots. I know I complain a lot about Klaine fandom's wild and insultingly far-out AUs (here a superhero, there a bizarre dystopia...), but I could really use some kind of WWII soldier/nurse action, or that one where she meets him while doing an investigative report, or, or... anything that gives me a tens of thousands of words of them being awesome that doesn't require rationalizing either the restrictions of the dome or escaping the force of nebulous government agents and profiteers. The way they met is already a pretty cool scenario, but I would like to multiply my fortunes by seeing them find each other over and over again in different lifetimes.

But very well. Might as well take what I've got, because at least this time around my OTP is also basically fandom's only priority. Here is an early primer:

After the Dome: book-based but doesn't seem to matter all that much, as it's a quiet scene in the semi-near hypothetical future.

Straight in a Straight Line Running Back to You: seven sweet future relationship vignettes. Nice description, reminds me of the contented feeling I'd get from Sawyer/Juliet fanfic set in the 70s period.

And that's it, because ugh, I can't look at too closely yet because what I've seen burns my eyes. I have lived a very spoiled fanfic life in the past few years, between dollsome and Glee having authors of professional quality (a bunch of them are literally being published as a result of their talent). ...and I think I found other great works on LJ via Google before that, but who knows, I've been out of genuine fandom practice so long I barely remember. The point is, I am not here for earnest but unpolished amateurs anymore.

Tags: fic rec, tv commentary, under the dome

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