RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Day 5 of my new Dale Barbara Appreciation Life:

In which I:

-contemplate reading Under the Dome, massive dead tree version, just to squeeze out more Barbie/Julia scenes even though HAHA FALSE EQUIVALENCY and also I can barely read 250 pages of the average adult novel, never mind a thousand, plus I am a dozen books behind on my reading schedule as it is.

-put off getting out of bed for a solid hour because I'm too busy imagining various reasons for him to get snarly and punchy over threats to The Kids (Joe and Norrie)

-spin back through the last 3 episodes of season 1 and appreciate all the medical badassery and mini-reunions that happened there, including the epic help from each McAlister kid in turn, and also that one time he slept on the couch and we all got to ogle him in an undershirt and no pants.

Also WOW, I have somehow never seen the episode of Friends where Monica proposes. I'm crying a little bit.
Tags: friends, under the dome

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