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Some TV talk

I am really not sure I'm ready to move into a world that has plot advancement and is not solely about struggling to survive the weather, but...okay. Let's try it.

Under the Dome, 2x12, "Turn"

First of all, hot aggression and order-barking? The man does not disappoint.

Although I have to love Joe and Norrie's thought process here: let's bring a guy to Barbie and tell him that said guy has been lying to us in a way that sounds like he's working for the enemy. I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Probably not throw him to the ground and/or slam him up against walls, that's for sure...oops.

I took so much delight in his every interaction with those kids tonight, though. (including but not limited to "get your asses out here!" He is going to be the best dad. I love how petulant Joe is that he caught them, too. "Aww, how'd you know we were following you? We were being so cool and sneaky just like you!" / "Yeah, stealth is not your strong suit.").

But don't forget his BEST interaction with a kid! Let's talk about him promising Melanie she's going to get better and generally just being the most amazing big brother. Come on, show. Don't let it end this way. She & him got too many things to do.

[In related news, I am off to write myself a new dreamland AU in which Julia and Barbie are suddenly tasked with acting as legal guardians for his newly-orphaned and previously unknown teenage half-sister Melanie. It's going in my new Word document for UtD AU thoughts, "All The Other Domeains," a title with which I am stupidly pleased.]

I also quite liked the hostage-taking of Hunter and the hilariously poorly translated dialogue on either side of the dome. Example stolen from Tumblr and highly accurate:

Statement: HEY YOU JERKFACE YOU BETTER GIVE US THE EGG SOON OR YOU'RE GOING TO REGRET IT! We're dying in here without that egg! The Dome is contracting and there's a girl from a lake who is dying without it!
Transcribed: Need egg now.

Julia was mostly off doing things that did not concern me this week (dear Dome, killing your monarch = treason and nobody likes a state traitor; I'm just saying), but I did enjoy that quiet moment when he urged her to save the photo of her and Peter, and that other sublte moment I find irresisitibly attractive, him casually taking luggage off her shoulder.

Speaking of things I find attractive, diffusing brewing catfights:

Now is not the time to debate. Hotness has spoken. (And taking Julia's side, anyway)

Lastly: I am not here for a Sherry Stringfield-killing world right after you take Melanie (who was my consolation prize for Angie), show. And that's all I'm going to say on the matter. I was reading back through old reviews, I realized we haven't seen Norrie's other mom since like epiode 5 this season. I honestly forgot she even still had a mom. P.S. For the record, this show is so much better without her having a mom. Julia's doing just fine as a guardian when she needs one.

In other news, through great effort I'm pushing past my Castle block. I am 1.5 episodes into the D.C. arc but Lisa Edelstein is not helping at all, I just want to punch everything in the face. When Lisa Edelstein can't save something, you know it's bad.

That said, I really loved their fight when he found out about the plane ticket – he becomes mysteriously attractive to me when his expression turns ugly and dark, even when he's being pigheaded and maybe not completely fair. I'm glad I was spoiled on the proposal itself, because that was better out of context. I'm not sure I could have survived a whole summer on such a solemn expression after all that ugliness in the episode, and also I kind of get why people might have been freaking out a little bit, because even on a good-good show like this, I can see where they might have thrown in a temporary breakup at that point.

But thank heavens for married shipper showrunners, because the first scene in the premiere magically washed all that away in sheer delightfulness. Between her giddy joy following seconds after the shock and his teasing, their dorky, giddy selves are a beautiful thing to behold. "No, not 'not yes'..." / "You do know how this works, right?" That's the last point I felt happy about this arc, but I fell asleep midway through 6.01, so I'm hoping there is at least still a good end scene to look forward to. I'm not even going to mention my feelings of punching re: Alexis and the peabrain moron of a souvenir she brought home. I feel like I already dealt with this plot on 'Til Death, and I had way less respect for/defensive feelings of the daughter there.

Also, Ryan announcing that Jenny's pregnant, that was pretty adorable too. Although Espoito's outraged response to the suggestion that Beckett might be pregnant is almost better.
Also, Community, 5x07:

I'm starting to feel like Troy was the glue that held this show's sanity together, because that was almost as much of a mess as the last one.  Honestly, the only part I thought worked well was Chang's ghost dilemma. Even though I'm frustrated not to actually know what the hell was going on there, I did enjoy his existential crisis, and I laughed long and heartily at the fakeout with the dramatic music showing him in a sepia-toned photograph of students from...The Old Timey Photo Club, 2014. BEST REVEAL.

The Jeff/Britta/Duncan triangle was mostly weird and awkward, though I did awww at her sellout jerk friends mocking her for not actually helping the poor.

As for the last storyline...look, you pit anyone against Abed for almost any reason, and I'm probably going to be Team Not Abed because I just can't connect with that guy, and unless you make super concentrated 5x05 levels of effort to endear him to me, my emotional pendulum swings back to dismissive apathy.

[warning: I'm about to go on an anti-Abed rant]"He's evil and I like him," was my proclamation as soon as Hickey handcuffed Abed to the file cabinet with an unholy gleam of joy in his eye. "And what Kickypunch movie is that from? The ones you've seen...or the one I'm going to watch you miss?" His low and decidedly evil chuckle sent shivers of cataclysmic joy all up and down my spine. I mean, I know that Abed is not actually a spoiled child, nor do I feel like his quirks have caused any great inconvenience to the group or that he actually has blatant disregard for others while doing whatever he wants. I'm prepared to say it might even be the opposite; I don't know as I don't have enough memory invested in this show to say for sure.

But any time someone's differences are met with intolerance, and/or someone with more power exacts swift and disfully proportionate vengeance on someone else for mildly irritating them, my Glee bully side kicks in and I'm just like YES. FINISH HIM. Even then, I might have been more tolerant except that the moment he said "I know what it feels like when people try to control me. You should know it never goes their way," a murderous red sheen appeared before my eyes. At that point you must stop at NOTHING to make sure a person so secure and confident is proven wrong.

And honestly, it turned out better than I thought. Some emotional groud was lost, but the internet tells me he actually missed his movie, and Hickey still got in plenty of awesome shots that fed my soul, lashing in with all the venom and vitriol I wanted to spew in the moment, so I am more satisfied than not.
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