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For the 2nd time today, I was going to make a TV post but then I got distracted by a Cowboy Casanova

I love how I'm like, "I need to see more of Mike Vogel's face immediately," and then before I can even get to IMDB my brain is like, "That's cool, because guess what? He's in that thing you love. Actually, he's in that thing you love and then about ten things you previously shunned but should re-evaluate."

(edit: at this point I officially find it wild that he is ALL OVER my TV territory and yet prior to this show our paths have not crossed in a serious way since a decade ago. Normally my TV faves shoot up out of relative obscurity.)

On the positive side, Grounded For Life and The Help. On the negative side, that infinitely terrible Hallmark movie (where at least he makes googly eyes at/eventually kisses Kat McPhee), Cloverfield, Bates Motel -- no, no, we are NOT going to that I don't care if it says he's a hot sheriff -- and ugh, what do you mean he's a regular in Pan-Am, are you saying I have to drag my eyeballs over to that after all? But I'm lazy! Oh rats he does look nice in a uniform.

Also WHAT DO YOU MEAN MIAMI MEDICAL. Not that terrible show that I irrationally resented for taking over Numb3rs' timeslot? That terrible show where he nevertheless might play a hot doctor? (p.s. damn it Tumblr why are you not making Julia/Barbie doctor!AU gifsets right now)

Hold up, I just saw something positive again, SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS AS ERIC? Who's Eric? I remember that name but not why. Wikipedia, remind me whose boyfriend that is RIGHT NOW -- oh, are you kidding me, Bee's? The 18 (or 19?)-year-old camp counselor she inappropriately seduces at an age decidedly below 18? I'm not yelling in outrage so much as adopting Robin Scherbatsky's voice to be all "what is wrong with me, because I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT."

Lastly, since that's about as far back as I'm willing to go*, this 2011 "Heaven's Rain" movie seems to feature him being very sharply dressed, and I could probably go with that.

*there is a 2003 role saying "Heath" of "Wuthering Heights," but HAHAHAHA I just looked that one up and it just looks hysterically terrible, firstly being on MTV and secondly being a "modern dayl" adaptation and thirdly WOULD YOU LOOK AT HIS FLOPPY SURFER-EMO YELLOW HAIR. This is probably the only time in history a man has looked better with gel in his hair than a shaggy fringe.

...I'm not going to do anything productive whatsoever until Under the Dome ends for the year, am I?

P.S. I poked YouTube for clips of Miami Medical's "Dr. Deleo" and after about four seconds of him in scrubs I was like OH GOD I AM NOT PREPARED (and then after about eight seconds I was like "are you flirting with evil queen Regina because no that does not work for me." But twenty-nine seconds in, my responses changed to "IS THAT MORGAN BRODY YES LEAN IN ON HER" and that is the feeling I'll be running with all the way to Miami Medical, which will at this point clearly be the next show I marathon once I start going through Dome withdrawal)

P.S. #2 "[Vogel] was in consideration to wield the shield for Captain America: The First Avenger" ARE YOU kidding me, Tuna?? I generally like Chris Evans' face, and Captain America is still the most palatable looking of all those dumb movies, but that is some serious blandness by comparison (of course, probably still wouldn't have noticed him without the Under the Dome role, so that is probably for the best).
Tags: imdbingo, miami medical, mike vogel

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