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I finished work at 11 this morning and I do not know how to handle myself.

I'm not even seeing BF until tomorrow, so I have this gloriously unparalleled twenty-four hour stretch in which I can do anything at all that I want without even having to clean first. And while I failed at exercising, here is what I've managed to do so far:

* Go to a fundraising garage sale that was so large it was actually beyond capacity for enjoyment (that has never happened), though I did have some fun looking through their impressive antique/collectible and book sections even if I didn't buy anything.

* Hit some other sales on the way home

* Confirm that hard cider is delicious, especially when paired with an actual fresh apple and cheese

* Watch 2 movies

(Can we talk about The English Teacher's delightful opening montage, or its delightful British female narrator, and how its overtones kind of make me think of a slightly darker (but still wildly ridiculous and funny) and grown-up version of Easy A, and also how mad I am that that one awful scene I got a glimpse of before I plugged my eyes and ears is the sole reason I cannot run around proclaiming its awesomeness and recommending it to everyone? Well, that's like 98% of the reason, and then 2% is that she slept with his flop pretentiously ~tortured soul~ ass in the first place, even if most of the humor and the entire plot narrative depends on it. What I'm saying is why couldn't he at least have been hot.)

* Read most of a book

And I am going to proceed with one of the TV posts I've been drafting but never feeling quite sound enough of mind to declare complete and post.

I picked up the DVD of Under the Dome from the library this week, spurred in part by this awesome list of "Barbie's Top Ten Moments," which only goes through season 1 and still doesn't cover all the times he was a hero. I have been having a merry old time rediscovering that world before it feels too foreign to return. It's still odd seeing so much crazy in Junior and so much criminal in Barbie and so in Angie, but as a whole, I'm enjoying it a lot, especially that part where Sam Verdreaux got referenced by name in the first couple of minutes of the pilot as the one who heard the gunshot at Peter's cabin in the woods. Way to reach back, season 2!

First of all, my blog has no record of episodes 2-5, because I had this crazy notion that I would just "casually" watch the show back then. So I went  back and watched the first three episodes straight through -- the pilot is still super excellent, by the way -- and god, what a good show. What an intense, action-packed, Barbie-and-Julia-starring show*. The only downside is forgetting how much I hate Alice for the few episodes she's around.

*The fact that I am ignoring every other storyline means that one day, I will probably have second and third revolution rewatches where I focus on Angie or Joe/Norrie like they're brand new all over again instead.

But on the plus side,
Some things I literally, completely, 100% forgot:
-Barbie makes a variety of wonderful pain faces while recalling people he killed by accident. He also tends to have nightmares about them, which is a bit of continuity I very much like.

-How Junior kept trying to kill him for, apparently, flirting with Angie and Barbie just kept smacking him down like an annoyed dog shaking off a puppy.

-Outbreak. That is how early he started saving Julia's life. Episode 4. (and not just life saving, but also ordering people out of his way to do it. The look he gives Junior after "she's sick, and she will die out there, so give me the keys to your truck" is priceless. He's just 100% done with Junior's shit.)

-I knew their relationship timeline was wack, but it is literally one week from Julia meeting him (whilst married) to sleeping with him. I'm assuming the immediacy with which she assumes her husband is a filthy cheating deserter means they'd been having problems before then, but part of my brain still finds that explanation dodgy and entirely too convenient. And no, I have no idea why I am trying to talk myself out of convenient hotness, especially with TPTB telling me at every turn about how time in a situation like this gets all compressed and accelerated so it is totes okay and the feelings are still legitimate.

-THAT TIME BARBIE DELIVERED A BABY. How the hell did I block that out? Probably because at the time I was really sick of that trope and tired of shows having their lead males expertly take over women's territory to be Big Damn Heroes. But I will make an exception now for Barbie, who is a proven badass field medic, in part because he had Alice talking him through it. And in part because I find that skill both hot and useful for the AU in which Julia gets pregnant and, dome or no dome, inevitably winds up going into labor in the middle of nowhere. Or just the AU where I want to see them delight over a baby, period. Good directing work here, very good.

p.s. I'm really sorry about the lack of Julia screencaps on this blog. I will rectify this someday I swear.

-That time Barbie nearly strangled the guy standing over Angie in the Sweetbriar, barely getting ahold of himself in time and scooping her up to run for help instead. It was quite a thrill to trip over the grab-and-run on Tumblr.

Things I Had Sketchy Memories Of:
-Barbie helping direct the bucket brigade to take down the fire.

-Phil being a pretty cool and friendly guy, once upon a time. :(

-Angie spends so much time screaming at the top of her lungs that I feel like I'm getting a sore throat just listening.

-Barbie & Julia's first morning scene. That was a whole lot of nicely shot soft lighting and dopey smilng. "No. I'd like you to stay." Stupid Interrupting Pregnant Ladies (Who Aren't Even In Labor). Also, let me read to you a list of questions I have about this scene.

Number one: how dare you?

-Barbie's Amazing Face Of Pain And Feelings when Julia eventually squeezes out the whole truth about Peter in 1x10, which only gets better when she not only doesn't evict him on the spot, but talks about The Future. He looks like someone who's never been given a second chance before. Probably isn't true; I'm just saying that's what he looks like. It's useful.

Things I've Watched Eighty Million Times In The Past Week
Their arc in the last 3 episodes. Episode 11 is the real winner here, as I am pretty sure I will never, ever tire of those desperation-filled attempts to keep her breathing, which are only made better by the fact that he has to rely on Joe's help and I get tiny glimpses of that awesome dynamic (i.e. "You're doing great, Joe, just get us there," a moment after snapping at him to go faster). Joe's hero worship eyes, incidentally, are still great.

Also great: how the moment McAllister #1 has his turn in the Julia-saving spotlight, episode 12 is Angie's turn to be awesome. If it's possible, I like this dynamic even more. They're just really pretty.

"Everything that they’re saying about me, none of it is true. It’s Big Jim."

(Which is not to detract from how it gets even more awesome when Julia wakes up and she and Angie become the new Team Awesome Ladies Getting Stuff Done, I just don't have pictures of that)

As for episode 13, I cannot stop laughing at them getting in one pretty through-the-bars kiss before Angie wheels around the corner with keys all "That's enough, lovebirds." I am so angry we were robbed of any future instances in which she secretly champions their love but is frequently having to remind them "I don't think now is the best time."

Speaking of That Moment...
I watched the gag reel, and it is fantastically full of people doing silly dancing, but it also has Britt struggling for way longer than it should take to actually open the door. Rachelle: "You're doing great." / Mike: "Fantastic." Other things that are great:

* Woman-who-plays-Linda-whose-name-I-forget: "Jim, I need to know. ...was it good for you?"

* The above woman letting out a curse after flubbing a line. Mike: "You can't say that on CBS!"

* Mike doing an oddly graceful piroutte and spiraling down to the floor during an attempted face kick in the 1x13 jailbreak scene

* The map in the "did you go through my stuff?" scene between Barbie and Julia being misplaced. It's kind of hard to thrust a map accusingly at Barbie when he's holding it, turns out. The working actor chemistry there is beautiful and makes it very clear how this random set of photos came into existence.

* Rachelle flubbing the "that comment about me running into the fire was hypocritical" line twice and rectifying it with "I'll be right back," followed the second time by an offscreen "Shut up!" to the laughter

One last thing
I've watched several, though not all, of the various features about production, and I had NO IDEA this show actually shot in North Carolina. (in related news, I have never so badly wanted to live in North Carolina)

Well, that nicely ate up a few hours of my evening. Back to my books. One of which may or may not have Barbie as the male lead in my brain. [eta: confirmed that Shelter Me by Catherine Mann doesn't work with Julia so much, but it makes an excellent Barbie showcase]
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