RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"I'm not even going to say something's 'bad' anymore, I'm going to say it's Bones," part II:

so apparently they have or are going to kill off Sweets. Which is cool; I advocated for that long and hard before I dropped out of the fandom. The problem is they apparently could not do it before having him impregnate Daisy, which a) poor trope to begin with b) super rude position to put such an awesome lady in, and c) the last I heard of them they had a broken engagement (also a poor trope), so when did this messy hell even happen?

[update: against my better judgment I asked the Bones Wiki for a relationship timeline. OH MAN. It is worse than expected! The engagement ended because she chose work and long distance (LAME), then they were friends with benefits (LAMER), officially got back together only to break up again when things got serious (COULDN'T BE MORE LAME), then apparently started hooking up again during "the time Booth was in jail" (don't know, don't care, not interested in whatever that stupid frame job is) to produce Baby of Non-Necessity.]

God, what a waste of a long-lived procedural. It makes me so sad when shows are off the rails for longer than they were quality (see also, CSI: Miami).

In better fandom news, Doctor Who fandom merch is some of the coolest stuff on the planet. Example A, these TARDIS shoes.
Tags: bones, doctor who

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