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After teasing for literally more than six months about The Big Death on The Simpsons -- originally they said it would be in the finale, then abruptly tacked on 4 months of waiting and said it would be in the premiere instead -- that episode FINALLY AIRED.[I didn't watch it, as I am cranky about having to wait so long, but here's my reaction.]I'm really glad it was not Krusty, that would have been the worst. Krusty's father, on the other hand, kind of a non-issue. Probably should not have been spoiled more than a month in advance, and then only to say there would be an upcoming funeral. Maybe even a "minor" recurring character. Not "portrayed by someone who won an Emmy for their voice acting!"
Also, I did not watch the crossover episode after I found out it was predominantly Family Guy, because I don't need to see my characters tarnished like that. However, since I'm here talking Simpsons, I saw this really cool post from an LJ that normally just angries up the blood, and I felt the need to to share: We Now Live in a Simpons World.

At the time [episode 1.10] was written, this was satire. Back in the days before the Internet – hell, when faxes were still clunky and kind of high-tech – there is no way that a Xeroxed photo would be passed around that quickly.  The idea that Bart could just make fifty copies and post them around town and catapult Homer into ludicrous pseudo-stardom was, actually, something audiences at the time found absurd and funny.  Of course Homer wasn’t going to wake up one day to find that, while he slept, the entire town had passed around his antics.

But… today…. That happens all the time.

Sleepy Hollow, 2x02, The Kindred
That was MUCH better.

Mainly because at the sight of Ichabod and Katrina's (short lived) reunion, my heart was like

Shipper fire, burning bright, add a 12-second kiss and EVERY POSSIBLE CORNER IGNITES!

This is not technically a new feeling, as I have been a fan since the pilot and had several squee fits about their reunions before, but boy, something about this one just brought my lately mopey, despondent TV-watching self all the way back to life. They just might serve as a satisfactory school-year counterpart to Barbie/Julia. ...except without the comforting weight of the entire fandom behind me, and with an inability to trust TPTB to stay on my side against popular crazy. But whatever! You know who that sounds like a problem for? Future Rainbow Stevie.

I mean, between their faces upon seeing each other, the rush to determine if she's hurt (one of my favorite parts of "rescue the damsel"), and the super super pretty and impassioned kiss itself, my giddiness catapulted me somewhere higher than the moon . Also, "You are forever in my eart" is my new ship tag. I want that plastered all over beautiful headers and other pieces of fanart.


I'm not sure how I feel about her staying behind as a mole, besides sure that this will end poorly, but I'm hoping that even if they can't physically be with each other every episode, his face and endearing exchanges with her will sustain me Pushing Daisies style. Plus flashbacks to really cut the edge. I must admit I'm getting kind of fond of Death when he strolls around in human form with head attached, and watching Katrina exploit his desperately overinflated ego was magnificent.

IN OTHER NEWS (I guess), I was pleased to see my beloved Demonic Circus Pony standing guard at the cabin, and I've grown fond of the firebreathing nightsteed as well. I really like the Frankenstein monster so far -- that's the most engaged I've been in a fight scene of anything for a while now. Candlelit rituals, incomprehensible spells and horribly ugly monsters are the reason I love this show.

I'm not eager to see more of Henry and His Punchable Face with a totally clueless Irving, but I guess it's nice to see the latter back on the screen. It's definitely nice to sideline Jenny in jail; I hope that lasts at least as many episode as Katrina's living in The Cabin in the Woods. I will definitely need more material to assess the quality of the new sheriff, though. I see you trying to be the new Iron Gates and I can tell you you are definitely only the Lite version of that.

(where do I know her from, though? She has a memorable face. Let's see...ah, yes! Raising Helen, as the neighbor who chases rowdy kids out with a broom.)

Lastly, the scene at the bank was the humor highlight of the evening, particularly his 'wtf is this ***' response to the pen on a chain.

P.S. since Tumblr is now a wild and lawless land for me and no longer restricted to Glee, I've been merrily digging through the fandom (it's hard when everyone is such a terribly young and/or ignorant Katrina hater, but I've found some friendly covens) and come up with THIS GLORIOUS MACRO RECAP SITE. It's a lost art, and it's beautiful. Every single one cracks me up. It also made me feel a lot better about the previous episode (lol "I am Groot") and I apologize for my cranky reaction, albeit not enough to edit the review.

Lastly, I am still not in a position to settle down and watch Reign, but I keep accidentally hearing/seeing stuff, partly because I don't know enough about the show for anything to stick so I'm not super careful about avoiding it, and partly because I like to scroll through dollsome-does-tumblr every other week or so to delight in her tags and general gathering of various shows' gifsets I would never find on my own. Before we get too far into the second season, I would like to record some of those things just to make comparisons later:

[NOTE: I have only seen the first two episodes of the series so far, and I forgot to write about the second one.]

1. I gather that I made the wrong shipping choice for Mary, because apparently she marries Francis even though I TOTALLY saw a gifset that looked more canon than fanon where she and Bash seem giddy and ready to go get hitched, whereupon my heart lit up with joy. I don't know what went wrong there, but I heard he somehow married Kenna instead (and she may not be happy about it?).

2. I am super not happy about that because whenever people talk about Reign, they usually talk about how great it is at showcasing female sexuality, and the actress who plays Kenna seems particularly excited by the part she plays in that. (true story: I had completely forgotten that gross scene I skipped in the pilot existed. thanks for bringing that back) Besides, this talk only serves to drive me farther away from the show. I am not a fan of anyone expressing their sexuality.

3. Francis may not be a total jackhole at all times and he and Mary might have a decent relationship that I find palatable, eventually and/or at isolated times. Sounds a little like the love interest in Catch a Falling Star? I'm trying to keep an open mind, for once, and let Mary's feelings be my guide instead. That's how I learned to like Kurt Hummel. Of course, he made me regret it.

4. Francis also apparently has a bastard child, so... you know how I love that trope! Not. Good thing I didn't get invested in Mary/Francis, or I'd be in a much worse mood. As it is, I'm feeling pretty chill about it but definitely glad to know going in rather than having it sprung on me. I've been adjusting my expectations and assuming I would need to allow for adultery in anything I shipped since the beginning, so that helps.

5. I guess Henry dies in the finale? Not sure how or why. That seems like a shame, because by all accounts there will be fabulous Old Married Couple squabbling (albeit perhaps slightly more mean spirited than is traditional) and possibly some tandem evil plotting first.

6. Queen Catherine is definitely one of the top three characters on the show, depending on how strong my feelings for Mary and Bash are at any given time, but she shows strong potential to be The Constant Best. Just fabulously disdainful, manipulative and calculating in all the best ways. (but maybe with potential to be a sympathetic or vulnerable character, once you understand her motivations? Like, mostly when she's alone. No one would ever actually see it. I might be making this up based on ficful thinking. "Ficful" is a new term I have coined for imagining things as they would work in fanfic)

7. I still have no idea who Burlap Bagface is -- AND NOBODY TELL ME! That's the thing I'm most excited about learning, since I'm told we find out somewhere in season 1 -- or why she's there, except that I think her name might be Clarissa and I'm like 60% sure she's not a ghost at this point in time. But I would be delighted to be proven wrong because that would make this show so much greater.
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