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Wednesday night TV in backwards order.

I watched the premiere of Stalker, which I was never planning to pencil in, because CBS is a master scheduler and the power of inertia compelled me. As long as Mom and I are already making a Girls (TV) Night out the first two hours on CBS every Wed., I think I might make this a permanent appointment!

Maggie Q is a really compelling actress, and the plot of this held my attention much better than Nikita. If it's going to settle in as a decent procedural with as much terror and creep factor as Criminal Minds, I'm sold. Even if Dylan McDermott's abrasive asshole character already has me gritting my teeth and wondering how long I will have to suffer without seeing him get comeuppance, or worse, having Beth eventually warm to him. I also think writing about it might spoil it, but before I go I want to give a shout-out to the Prego Commercial Lady playing the wife of the middle-aged ex. Moving up in the world!

Still totally on board to write about Criminal Minds though:

My only qualm with Callahan so far is her hair. That ragged bob of awkward length looks as lifeles and terrible as if she had cut herself with a pocketknife. Grow it out or style it better. That said, I appreciate everyone immediately embracing her. It was almost too much from a meta standpoint -- "PLEASE LIKE OUR NEW CHARACTER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHE'S TOTALLY FUN AND RELATABLE RIGHT?" -- but I was immediately won over by her excited exchange with Garcia about cute animal videos. Actually, I was won over in the first scene, but the cute-off was the highlight. (I needed that after the extreme creepy factor of 20 Years Older Kerr Smith getting off on severed limbs.) Also, can't wait to find out more about this darling teenager who lives with her.

All in all, excellent creepy case once it got going. Much deviance and squirm factor. And A+ setup for a season-long arc of creepy people on the internet abducting and selling random women on what I can ony assume is the Deep Web.

Also, I tripped over this interview while checking other reviews, and now I don't know whether to feel validated or freshly angry:

For personal stories, we’ll come up with something incredibly dramatic and then it might just be too devastating. Like a couple years ago when we killed Reid’s girlfriend. We finally gave him a girlfriend and then we killed her and it was just like, "Okay. That might have been too much. Now we’re sad we did that."

Survivor, week 2:[still fun]
2 weeks and 2 favorites down. Grrr. Otherwise, with an extra week, I've established that I like Missy more than her daughter so far -- actually, so much that she's now my #1 fave player, with Natalie down to #2 and Jeremy at #3 -- and that Reed Josh is a squirrelly and conniving slimeball whom I dislike intensely and have deemed my nemesis. Which is a shame, because I could really work some Blaine/Kurt dynamics in there if I liked them better. ["Josh’s biggest accomplishment in life is writing and directing his first musical in London, while his boyfriend Reed is a professional Broadway performer."]

I also determined that Jeremy is one of the rare few men in the world who can pull off tattoos and not look hideous. He's just a sweepingly attractive man. Good work in the everything department. On the opposite end, I can't stand Mr. Big Leagues, who looks like the offspring of John Travolta and a gorilla, never mind his meathead style. ("I just lost to a girl"? Really?)

But I did love the "knock each other off the wrestling platform" challenge. That's one of the only 1-on-1 "attack" challenges I actually enjoy watching. Who am I kidding, I also want to play! And I especially loved when Kelly won her second round and her father could in no way hide how happy he was that she won even at a loss for his team.

Now: to work! (I'm missing Thursday TV right now) I have another Epic Weekend planned: tomorrow my goal is to finish work by noon and then go to garage sales with Chris; Saturday I'm doing Day 1 of the Half Price Books Clearance Sale/YMC Garage Sale, and Sunday I'm doing Day 2 of the book sale with Chris. Which means I need to dive back in to work! The fortunate part is that it's pretty much all easy stuff, so I can knock out a lot of little pieces instead of getting bogged down in a few big complicated ones. [edit: four hours later, I have wasted time getting angry about unrelated things and completed 2/11 pieces of work while discovering two huge contact-required problems that should have been caught 8-12 hours ago. Awesome.]
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