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After a 3.5 month wait on the request list, I finally got to see Frozen!

Is it normal to cry your way through the entire movie, 'cause I just did.

The opening scene and song were fabulous, a great way to draw my attention in**. But from the moment Anna and her sister started playing, I teared up, and when she fell I started sobbing for the next ten straight minutes. And then I just kept dripping off and on any time there was so much as a hint of sadness or sentimentality. Triggers include: anything regarding Elsa's self-deprecation or isolation, her beautifully cold ice creations, Anna's sheer adorability, Anna's Sad Eyes Of Rejection, Elsa's heartbreaking determination to protect her sister at all costs, and the entirety of "Let It Go," which is now sadder than ever. Even the triumphant part made me weep with pride (and, okay, still some sadness because that pride is born of deciding to be happy all alone, MY LIFE). I dried up for a while when there was just a lot of action happening (MARSHMALLOW MONSTER!!) and/or stupid magical creatures were singing, but then of course Anna started dying and I started again. And then the sisterly love took over the end and I started flat out bawling again and never stopped.

(I'm pretty sure I even cried at the end credits. "They're so beautiful! *SOB*")

** this is a feat, because animated movies hold no appeal for me anymore; I haven't wanted to see one in over 10 years, which is part of why I was so impressed that this one caught my eye at all. I started watching with some trepidation, sure it could never live up to the hype I'd created in my head, much less the world's hype, and am so impressed that it was indeed as great as I'd been breathlessly hoping

The best part is that I thought the movie was going to be totally spoiled for me because of Tumblr's obsession with reblogging gifs from it, excessive even for the Disney fandom, but I didn't remember a thing except "do you wanna build a snowman," and then only because it's an official meme. I also thought the music was going to be blah, and while it's true that nothing holds a candle to Let It Go, what could? I was actually quite pleased with everything!

One of the biggest things that's kept me from watching animated movies is that I don't think I can warm up to people breaking into random ridiculous songs in the middle of the story anymore.  But maybe Glee has been keeping my brain exercised on that front, because I pretty much enjoyed everything in the moment. Except the trolls. The trolls were awful. Even Olaf was better than that, and Olaf was pretty annoying.

But aside from those two, I've been playing the half of the soundtrack with lyrics on nonstop loop.

I will say this -- as someone who generally doesn't understand how Disney even has a fandom, I now understand Tumblr's obsession with reblogging Frozen, because I want to relive this movie and notice tiny details over and over. I want to read ALL THE HEARTBREAKING FANFIC, on the assumption that everyone = Me and sees their sad teenage years reflected in either the withdrawn isolation of Elsa or the abandonment feelings on Anna's end. (of course, I also want happy AU sisterhood!fics, because these are some super magnetic main characters).

Yet I'm also hesitant to read anything because I don't want anything to encroach on the way I personally experienced these characters. Like, even girls employed by Disney World to look like them are suspect. That's how magical it was.
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