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Following the previous post, I stuck my tongue out at Red Band Society, and proceeded to start mainlining spring 2010 replacement Miami Medical instead. And it's awesome. There is no way I could have accepted it when it aired, taking over Numb3rs' timeslot before my show was cold as it did, and that's too bad, because it was apparently a launching pad for champion future network TV stars as well as a magnet for incredible guest stars (I have not seen a show go this hard to stud its freshman run with diamonds since Castle), and I kinda love everything about it. Not kinda. ABSOLUTELY love everything about it.

Everything, that is, except for our lame blowhard of an attending, who was clearly named with the intention of helping people make proctology puns. If his purpose were simply to be a figurehead of evil for everyone else to bond in their hatred against, a la Dr. C and Eva's ribbing at first, I could accept it, but instead they keep making him bond with Morgan Serena, and that whole dynamic is weird and creepy given her age (spoiler alert, telling me about his lost almost-stepdaughter only ups my pedo vibes, not my sympathy waves). Even minus the creepy factor, I don't want to see that kind of unearned empathy and/or respect spread throughout the staff.

Otherwise, I am loving the frenetic pace of the surgical action. It's practically nonstop 5-alarm panic all the time, with patients crashing an average of 3 times an episode after stabilizing, but the best part is that they have like a 90% survival rate because this show's whole premise is about saving people from the brink of death; you don't even show up here unless it's about your last hour. The head nurse will straight up order you to a different building if it's not. I've seen it happen. It's nice to be able to get attached to patients without so much worry.

AND, every episode gives me a suitably believable scenario for endangering ordinary people, including about six different possible ways to injure them within said scenario. (Building explosion that takes out pedestrians, freak windstorm, and balcony collapse, to name a few) It's an infinity loop of hurt/comfort and it is beautiful. It would be beautiful even if it weren't full of great guest stars, but already we have packed in Sarah Drew, Wendy Makkena, my pretty redhead Erin Chambers, Louise Lombard, and a "Hey, It's That Girl" Rosalie Ward. Makin' it rain!

It's all so amazing I actually almost don't have time to stop and savor Mike Vogel's face, and I really thought he might be the only bearable part of this show. Although to be fair, he is definitely the best part. No one is going to beat Barbie in my heart, but Chris DeLeo here is an incredibly close second on the "Swoon-Worthy Characters Played by Vogel" list.

Not only does he have wonderful bedside manner, I most especially love his big-brother mentoring for Serena -- screw you, Proctologist's Tool; the way he handled Serena's mistake and used personal experience to justify it was absolutely the correct way to deal with a perfectionist student whose confidence could be rocked and made worse if too aggressively dressed down -- but of course, I am also shipping it. Not that strongly. More like Morgan/Garcia levels of "I will tease you and flirt with you and defend you to the death but we all know I am too much of a manwhore to be taken to bed for real." Probably.

My biggest dread going in was that he and Eva were going to hook up, which was made worse in episode 3 when they got meta about it. BUT THEN! Nothing came of it, and after finding an independent blog that actually covered this show pretty faithfully, in short order I found a link this post-mortem interview, and let me just weep a little bit at the beauty of what it says here, putting my fears to rest:

As for love interests and things like that… we were still feeling things out. We had no real plans to get our characters in bed together any time soon. GA sort of has a corner on that market at the moment.

Which is SO GOOD because Eva's been rankling on my nerves a little bit as a potential love interest, right on that border of bland and "too confident," the latter of which has not exactly been helped by Once Upon A Time's creepy Swan Queen fandom making me hate her conniving face. Nor has her need to mention being Cuban at least twice an episode, apparently because god forbid we get blinded by her snow white skin and forget.

GETTING BACK ON TRACK. Not only did she display a really nice friendship side with the chipper young Serena, which you don't often get between women that far apart in age on medical shows, but as a ribbing partner for Dr. C, she's awesome. They have great chemistry and play really well off each other -- but again, just as friends. Like Monica and Joey friends, or Jerry and Elaine. I don't know what those YouTube fanvidders have been smoking.

(Actually, the Monica and Joey one is pretty apt. Now that the canon threat is gone, I can easily imagine that if she got drunk at a colleague's wedding in another country, she would hit up his hotel room door for some guaranteed NSA vacation nooky. And then ideally she'd get distracted by meeting the love of her life anyway. Someone should probably be taking notes on this, for story purposes.)

So far, the personal storylines seem kept to a minimum, but at the same time, it never feels shortchanged. I think this show does a pretty good job of both reserving time at the beginning/end and braiding pieces in small moments throughout the hour. Again, very Castle-like. There's room to do more if the show wants to flesh out the characters more, but not so much room that it starts churning out soap bubbles. I do not know how I shall ever return to Grey's Anatomy after this.

On a shallow note, I really like the bright colors. I still cringe a little when it first opens and tries to be as cliched as possible with its ~location shots~ in the manner of CSI: Miami, but I have kind of missed that show's brightness. And, randomly, I keep cocking my head at a bunch of the songs they use, because I have heard so many of them before that I almost suspect CBS might be getting a multi-use discount on the licensing fee.

Overall verdict: to put it another way, within the course of 24 hours, I became 68% less scared of getting in a car accident or pretty much any other catastrophe that threatened only my person rather than my home. Surely my local hospital will have or be able to refer me to a place with superstars just like this, right? (lol) The associated costs of such superstar care are still terrifying, but at least I wouldn't have to worry so much about the treatment. Even IV needles seem less scary in the hands of these compassionate people.

And did I mention my fondness for Dr. C?

Sleepy Hollow, 2x03

Nothing wrong with this episode per se -- I'm glad Irving knows who Parish is now, even though it might be a bit too late what with having already sold his soul by accident, and decidedly less glad to see Jenny out in the world again -- but wow, it was hard to drag myself back to this world after the wild ride of Miami Medical. People should be trying to kill each other at least once every four minutes in order to match the pace of what I was just watching, and instead it was only like once every twenty minutes.

I kid, I kid! I liked everything except the insinuation that Katrina might blindly choose her literally-pure-evil son over her super-devoted husband if it came down to it because ~a mother's love~. I need you to take that nonsense out to pasture and shoot it. I am talking to the writers here. Your homework assignment will be to read this article: "How American Parenting is Killing the American Marriage." I'm watching you, showrunner people.

At the psych hospital, I LOVED Crane's super-casual "Why, I have not been waiting for you a'tall. I have merely been hanging out with my good buddy, Hi Guy. It is pure coincidence that you happened to see me. Remarkably unlikely, even. But I suppose we could chat while you're here." He looks so pleased with himself, too.

And I especially loved the addition of Morally Ambiguous Possible Pirate Sully*, in front of whom they sure are free about disclosing sensitive information despite having no solid reason to trust him, apparently having learned nothing from that time they accidentally revealed all to the Horseman of War. I hope he stays sufficiently on the side of usefulness. Way to go with getting Ichabod fake credentials! Although I would probably want to double check that he didn't give him the identity of a convicted felon, since that seems like the kind of thing Henry would have done.

*I don't know his name yet, nor the actor's name. He will always be Harper Island's Sully to me. But the internet says his name is Nick, which definitely works.

Thumbs up on throwing in the Bible's 30 pieces of silver to your mythology. I like how this show is the Once Upon a Time of religion/history. (I'm actually pretty sure that they are now competing in a head-to-head competition to see who can fold in the most things.)

The church confessional was pretty grand too.

And also REMEMBER THAT TIME THAT ICHABOD WAS TOTALLY DOWN WITH THE CONCEPT OF GAY PEOPLE BECAUSE HE WATCHED THE FINALE OF GLEE. (and also knew some gay guys, nbd. For all my general complaining, I think it's delightful the way they use him to point out that our perception of the past as universally Super Narrow Minded and Judgmental is not necessarily 100% accurate)

Update: Orlando Jones has tweeted a very important thing.

Second Update: Orlando Jones' Twitter is somehow even better than it was last year and he has tweeted many important things, including but not limited to investigative screencaps. (are y'all paying attention?? OH MY GOD)
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