RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I actually had a pretty great weekend, even though I was working. As in, I mastered work by 3:00 each day and did other things. Like hit up a bunch of garage/estate sales and trot home with 4 shiny new necklaces. I'm having a bit of a necklace obsession lately, having tripled my collection size since January. I'm paying more attention to TV fashion than ever (and by TV fashion I mostly mean Robin and Lily on HIMYM; those ladies have amazing wardrobes), and noticing that women are frequently rocking BIG necklaces. Not the old lady beads or gaudy multi-layered ones that are weirdly trendy right now, if you look at the jewelry sections of Target and most department stores, but large pendants. They nicely fill wide V necklines or fall over solid colored crew-neck tops. I'm having a blast acquiring and matching ALL THE THINGS.

Other things I am on a kick about right now: Loreena McKennitt. I have a sudden and deep-set need to use a boatload of "Blacksmith" lyrics for Klaine in season 6, or at least the spoilers about it.

[These 3 parts, in particular]Strange news has come to town / (Strange news carried) / Strange news flies up and down (two post titles for the price of one! Three if I had a fandom where the last phrase of "that my love has married" is applicable. Maybe Once Upon a Time? Or Reign? Or -- RETROACTIVE GOSSIP GIRL. Hey, remind me to talk about how season 6 of GG is probably going to end up being better than season 6 of Glee.)
May God reward him well for the slighting of me.
Don't you remember when you lay beside me / And you said you'd marry me and not deny me

(Also I am almost sad that I misheard "bring your witness, love" as "bring your witless love," because I was super excited about that one as applicable to Karofsky)

And in more serious news, I think I am going to do a series of posts in which I talk about each of her 20th century CDs. Or the five that I have, at least, that are not Christmas/compilation albums. They will probably be boring and rambly and resemble all my other CD-talk posts that I write when The Music Of... lists aren't meeting my needs, but TOO BAD.

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