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Fact: I laughed harder at the last episode of Bad Judge than I did at the entirety of The Mindy Project so far this year. I mean that as both endorsement of its delightfulness and a shaming call-out of TMP.I laughed at basically every line, expression and tone of voice from everyone, though I think my favorite was "Who is your family, Duck Dynasty?" (on the topic of Rebecca's father teaching them how to use both firearms and crossbows) Or Rebecca's response to why her alarm code is 6969: "BECAUSE IT'S HILARIOUS." (And she doesn't know how to reprogram it. Who is she, NASA?) Or possibly Tedward's take on being told to take a very subtle look at some guy: *slowly swivels on bar stool, casually combing his beard*
Second fact: Last night I was struck with the rare problem of insomnia, and between last night and this evening I polished off the entirety of Miami Medical. Thoughts:

-The farther into it I got, the more I fell in love with the doctors and forgot that I was using the patients as hurt/comfort template fodder. I even warmed up to Eva, after her constant strikeouts in the love department. Not Dr. Jackhole, though. He remained one of the most low-grade irritating people I have ever seen in my entire life.

-I loved the twist of saving the stabbing victim with the unique tattoo who turned out to be the attacker. I loved the unexpected HOMG STABBING OF OUR KINDLY CHARGE NURSE. And I especially love the deliciously unsettling way he was apparently never caught.

-When Chris offered to drive Serena home at the end of the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good day and threw in the offer of being in a movie-watching mood, HOLY CRAP you had better believe that my daydreams immediately zoomed to an affectionate platonic cuddling place. I am an avid fan of shippin' that, but I am equally fond of them having a teasing-yet-caring sibling-like vibe that includes being friends with benefits. My benefits, mind, not the standard definition. But maybe that also, someday.

-I followed the order on Wikipedia, but damn, that was some messed up out-of-order airing. Like "big gaping plot holes" levels of messed up, starting with the "finale" featuring Tuck's big First Day Back celebration, even though we had seen him in multiple episodes between the stabbing and that.

[EDIT: It is actually worse than I thought, holy crap!
[open for details]a. The first eight episodes aired somewhat out of order, as I understand. What order did they air in and where do the new ones fit into that sequence? (Note: The original seven aired in this order: one, two, four, six, thirteen, seven and eight) [coloring mine because WHAT THE HELL]

About halfway through shooting we learned we’d only have space to air 8 of the first 13 episodes in the 1st season. The decision was then made to bank 5 episodes and to adjust them when we went back and starting shooting season #2. The result is that a couple of the remaining shows – without those adjustments – may feel out of time. For instance… in this week’s episode, Tuck’s stabbing is not dealt with at all. He’s suddenly fine. That’s because it was intended to either air BEFORE the stabbing or later in season #2 AFTER we’d resolved the stabbing arc. I don’t think it will really affect the fun of watching, but all of us on the writing staff… who feel a great affinity to the viewers… wish it were more seamless.

b. Was the CBS season finale, An Arm and a Leg, the actual intended finale or was it Golden Hour or another episode we haven’t seen yet?

Well, there have been 3 ends to season #1. When we first learned about only having space to air 8 episodes… Man On The Road (the plane crash/Proctor’s back story) was going to be the end of season #1. Then the Network wanted some shows moved up/back so it was decided that we’d end with Arm and a Leg. Originally — when we first started planning — the end of season #1 was going to end with someone from Proctor’s past coming back into his life, but that never got written because of the shortened season. [RS note: the quasi-stepdaughter, maybe? I'm gonna hope so. That is literally the only even slightly interesting thing about his character.]

c. edit: Here’s the order Executive Producer Jeffrey Lieber gave (with the week each episode actually ran in parentheses):

Pilot (1)
88 Seconds (2)
Like A Hurricane (9)
Diver Down (10)
Golden Hour (5)
What Lies Beneath (3)
All Fall Down (4)
Calle Cubana (6)
Man On The Road (7)
Arm and a Leg (8)
Time of Death (11)
Down To The Bone (12)
Medicine Man (13)

-I did not know whether to roll my eyes or chuckle at the alligator sighting. It's just not a real show set in Miami until a gator chomps on human flesh. (I did love that prop on the gurney, though)

-I got super annoyed at the episode where Dr. C convinced the high schooler to agree to having her arm amputated to stop the spread of fatal flesh-eating bacteria. HOW IS THAT THE RIGHT CHOICE? 100% certainty of struggling with simple tasks, recreation and job skills for quite a while/possibly forever, versus a 10% chance that you'll be totally fine and an 90% chance that you can just quit the world and not have to struggle with either a physical handicap or the usual life problems of getting a job and navigating the adult world independently? I would not even consider the first option.

-I quite liked the hurricane episode and the sucker punch of the girl's cute little friend and his family dying as a result of the pile up. Mostly I liked it becuse of the dog she clung to, though.

-By the end, I was starting to wish they had thrown some of their characters into bed with each other. I began to suffer from a distinct case of Grumpy Face at not feeling like I had quiiiite enough personal tidbits about them. I think I especially wanted more from Chris and his brother. I have seen Mike Vogel's face do amazing things in the Feelings and Emotions department, and that did not get a chance to shine.

-I reserve the right to add more content to this post in the future. I definitely had more I meant to write last night, but when I upped the number of loose episodes packed in my head from 6 to 9, I lost my firm grip on specifics.

Sill gonna miss this show; would have happily watched 2 or 3 more seasons, even if it was a blessing in disguise because all its important people got scooped up for central roles on other shows that would not be the same without them. Actually, I love Serena's face so much that I'm considering going back to CSI just to see her as Morgan.(not least because a little bird told me something is up with her and Greg this year, possibly, or at least they are being suggestive in the way I have always dreamed?)

[edit: curiosity won out and I poked the CSI Wiki, which does not appear to have been updated for s.15, but on the other hand, WHAT THE HELL THIS SOUNDS WONDERFUL GIVE IT NOW: Greg comforts Morgan when she breaks down in her first case back after her kidnapping (Take the Money and Run.

*5 minutes later* GOT YOU. *high pitched squealing noise of overwhelmed contentment* SEE LOOK THAT IS ALL I HAVE EVER ASKED FROM YOU. Also, I vaguely remember the previews for that kidnapping episode, and I remember getting super excited by the potential there, because I remember that time Greg flipped his lid when she was in danger before [CSI Down, that's it. Also, oh no, I made the mistake of rereading my season 12 reviews and now I miss this show so much it's almost enough to override the reason I took it out back and shot it. But only almost.]

Also, Tumblr is saying something about season 15 being heavy on the flirting, and I'm not overly enthused with what I see in gifs from last ep, BUT they're also talking some big moment happening in a November episode called "Rubbery Homicide" and...screw it, the show may be dead to me but this ship is getting the Pretty Little Liars ship-stalking treatment from now on.]

...speaking of YouTube, I just spent like an hour watching clips of the Class. Every fifth time I read Lizzy Caplan's name, I swear, it's a viewing trigger. An addictive one. You can't watch just five minutes. The injustice of its cancellation will burn bright in me forever!!
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