RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Inspirational Motherhood

Overheard in a Target --
Girl, approximately 4-5: But Mommy! If I don't get that pillow...I will DIE! (said as if it was the most drastic consequence ever, so much so that no one had ever dared to say it before)
Mom: Hmm. That seems extravagant.
(I don't know what I liked more, her nonplussed tone or her casual use of advanced-for-a-kid vocabulary.)

Speaking of cool moms, I really love the one in the library whose preschool-age kid started to let out an ear-splitting shriek before she swooped down and clamped her hand around his mouth with a "SHHH!", in much the same way you would scold a barking dog. My heart fair bloomed with joy and approval.

Making a cooler post soon, hopefully, but thought these stories were worth sharing. Also, I found Hyperbole and a Half at Savers for $5 and I bought it because I want that book so bad I even considered buying it new. This copy has a slightly dirty cover, but the spine is unwrinkled and the corners are perfect -- so it's basically new. And yep, yep, one brief flip through the pages and I'm laughing so hard it hurts -- even during the sad parts about depression, which aren't as overwhelming as I feared anyway. Good buy.

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