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Review Pile 2: Another five dramas, with varying amounts of reviewing involved.

And by that I mean the first and the last are short and sweet, but those in the middle probably span a few pages.

Bones: The Man Who Fell From Space in the Crater
Still ticked about the episode they pulled, my enthusiasm for this show has waned and thus my squeeage is limited. It was a fairly interesting hour, for a casual viewing, but I don't have much to say about it other than:

1) Hodgins reminds me of The Lone Gunmen when he gets all conspiracy-theory on me. I like him in that mode.

2) The weightlessness scene in the plane was very...weird. Although it looked fun and I so want to experience that, the way they filmed it made it seem like a dream sequence. Or perhaps like they were in a drug-induced fantasy.

3) I find I am liking Zach less and less. I'm beginning to think his lack of social grace is worse than Dr. Brennan's ever was, given his disturbing eagerness to skeletonize the body even after Cam explicitly points out that this is (was) a person, someone who left behind a loving wife, friends and family. Zach: "What does that have to do with stripping the flesh from the bones?" Just for that, I adore Cam muttering "Igor" under her breath as she lets him get on with it. Hee! She just officially went up a peg on the totem pole of my favorite characters, knocking him down in the process.

4) And despite what I just said, I feel a need to point out that the flattened/splattered body in the opening sequence was really cool. The corpses on Bones are far more fascinating than on any other crime show.

5) Awww...Hodgins. That really was the perfect setup for a proposal, and you add his poetic statements of endearment, it's hard to imagine anything more romantic. I'm not particularly distraught that Angela turned him down, since it didn't lead to a breakup, and was made further heartwarming by his uncertain, " love me?" Okey-doke, then, they're still uber-cute. Also, I want Angela’s earrings in this scene.
Lost - The Brig
I just want to say up front that this was a thoroughly amazing hour of television during which I was not bored for one single second. Also, the Black Rock is my favorite setting ever. If you could someday find a way to have flashbacks from the island's point of view showing us how it got there, that would be great. I'm just saying.

[2010 Edit: Man, season 6, you just answer things ALL OVER THE PLACE, don't you?]

On Kate and Sawyer...I am never rooting for another ex-triangle couple to become canon again. Once they get into the RST stage, they are just no fun. And somehow, it's not comforting to me and my worries about the potentially undead love triangle to hear that Kate can't sleep next to another person, at least not when that person is Sawyer. In addition to that, how dare you cheat me out of my payoff from sex scenes! The cuddling and/or sleeping is their only benefit; you can't just take that away from me. I will now repeat to myself several times over that the jungle is hot and humid and cuddling is probably less pleasant there than in most settings. not curse at screen...good. Because this episode's not really about Kate. I'll come back to her later, but the winning scene this week is Sawyer alone, and his literally murderous rage.

When the spoilers about The Real Sawyer appearing on the island first hit, along with speculation that our Sawyer would confront him, I really didn't think the latter would have it in him to kill the former. And I don't think he would have, except that I neglected to take into account just how much of a soulless, hollow bastard Cooper is. I was not previously aware of the depths of his bastardliness, possibly because I don't watch Locke's flashbacks.

I never say things like "Give [insert name here] an Emmy," because my simply loving a particular character is rarely enough to justify them winning such an award in open competition. But after Cooper's death scene, I really want to say it about Josh Holloway. My transcripts often suffer during his scenes because I cannot adequately describe what he can do with his voice and expressions. For example, when Cooper drawls "She practically begged me to take her $38,000 and to rescue her from her sorry little life." Her sorry little life - son included. Sawyer's tear-filled eyes right there? Utterly heartbreaking. But he doesn't verbally respond to that threat, only furiously ordering the other man to finish the letter. He's practically shaking with repressed emotion at this point. Cooper plays along for about five more seconds...and then rips the letter into pieces.

Right here, you can actually see Sawyer snap.

And you can't really blame him, given that his entire life, his entire identity, has been shaped by this man. And it's manifested in this letter, a lifetime spent focused on getting this letter to him. An impractical goal, infeasible really - and yet here it is. They're here together in the same room; it's happened; he's done it. And it doesn't matter. In two seconds, everything he's built up has been destroyed. Snap.

And as understandable as it was, and as much as Cooper oh so deserved, it was still damn scary watching Sawyer wrap the chains around his neck and choke the life out of him. Had me curled up in a corner of the bed, cringing and on the verge of whimpering. It...just...enh! It's not right. So much for revenge - I didn't exactly feel vindication at the end. No wonder Sawyer is promptly sick afterwards. I feel like this could have some rather long term and damaging consequences, you? I know, I'll take them out on Locke. Rousseau! Where are you going with that dynamite? You meant to strap it to Locke, didn't you?

Speaking of Mr. Clean, it belatedly occurs to me that this was technically *his* week. How about that, me praising a Locke episode! I vote for on-island flashbacks ALL the time.  More island time is always better. Anyway, one of the major accomplishments this week was adding even more reasons for me to shout "The Others are a cult!" until my throat is sore. Really, I cannot BELIEVE that not one single other person out there has even brought these similarities up.

My further evidence: human sacrifices. "Offer up your father, Locke! You must do this, or you will never be one of us!" It's not even the human sacrifice so much as it is forcing someone to do something that goes against their nature, taunting them with the threat of being shunned if they refuse. It's like being asked to give up all your possessions, or sign over your life savings for the good of the community. Except, as previously mentioned, this is a little different and a lot worse because he is being asked to commit COLD-BLOODED MURDER. WITH A FREAKING KNIFE. It doesn't matter who it is - it's murder. How can that possibly be okay? What's especially creepy is the fact that everybody came out of their tents to see said sacrifice - including the children. CHILDREN! "The Lottery" much? The Others just became about 16,000 times more chilling than ever before.

Let's see, what else did they pack into this episode...oh yes, Naomi explaining a little more about the wreckage they found. The full-plane wreckage with all the bodies inside. CRAP...there goes my theory about them finding the fuselage with the bodies from the beach. Cover-up it is. I refuse to speculate how or why on the grounds that my brain would explode.

Sayid continues to be awesome, and you would think at some point the writers would work on including him in as many episodes as Jack. Kate is less awesome. While I'm not mad at her for telling Jack, exactly, because I personally still have trouble letting go of the perception that Jack is The Leader to whom you go for any help you need, and who should therefore be informed of any happenings...her inability to keep a secret after being explicitly warned not to tell anyone else is a mite troubling.

By the way, Jack and Juliet were utterly adorable giggling about cheeseburgers, even if Jack promptly stuffed his head up his ass by being surly and hostile when Kate tried to include him in the goings-on. And I REALLY want to know what the hell they were talking about when Juliet kept saying "We should tell her" and Jack refusing. Gee, Jack, that doesn't sound suspicious AT ALL...

CSI - "Leapin' Lizards"
I've been holding this in for about a week, but since I didn't get a chance to mention it before...

THEY HAVE A DOG SQUEEEEEEE!! YTDAW, which is hard to visit now because it hurts too much to be there without having a place to even discuss spoilers, says it's William Petersen's dog (Bruno), which is a suitable explanation to ward off my complaints that they own a purebred instead of a needy shelter mutt. Of course, I suppose purebreds end up in shelters too...that's it, I order 1,000 separate fanfics describing how they wound up with a dog so I can choose my favorite. ;) Anyway, it's a Boxer, and while a lot of Boxers don't have cropped ears, I did immediately notice that his tail isn't docked either, which is rare but AWESOME and makes me very, very happy.

In other news, this is the best GSR scene ever. Ever! In the history of the series! Relaxed, laid back, content. They could not possibly have looked more domestic, lounging on the bed in casual wear, watching a movie (Godzilla - *snert* It looks fantastically entertaining; I should watch it someday), Grissom petting the similarly lounging dog while Sara leans against the headboard eating yogurt. Hang on, I need a minute to burn off my excess squee. *runs around the house 20 times*

That much would have been PLENTY to sustain me, but it was only the tip of the iceberg as Sara reaches for the remote and finds...the letter! The letter that was the bright spot in the sludge of February's "Meet Market"!! So I guess he didn't send it after all, and really did send the cocoon in place of it. That's okay. I rescind my earlier optimism that he'd sent it anyway in favor of her finding it for the first time here, because it was wonderful to watch her face change as she read it, partly confused as to why it's here at all (and definitely while trying to decipher the Shakespeare sonnet), but also soft little smiles here and there at his words. Aw. I love that we got a full-length voiceover, too, even if a bunch of dedicated people with HD already put said letter together for us two months ago. It's nice that she knows the sentiment was there, even if he didn't mail it. I assumed that was what her final expression was meant to convey.

I also loved the final scene, with the dog hanging out at Grissom's (bare-in-sandals) feet. That's exactly what my dog does whenever I'm at the computer...unless she's lying with her head in the doorway of the room, waiting to growl suspiciously at anyone who comes to disturb me.

Did other stuff happen in this episode? I don't think it did. Moving on to the next show.
Voice: We JUST had the conversation about the ratio of GSR fans to non-fans on your flist.
RS: Curses.

All right, pulling myself out of the shipper's fog, I liked this week's episode better than last week's. I might actually be tempted to watch it again. In addition to a really interesting case, they packed all sorts of tidbits in there. Other things to love:

*Catherine pulling down the broadsword, followed by Brass commenting "Hello, Xena."

*Greg being bitten followed by Catherine asking "You up for a bite?" To quote Annie at The Recapist, "[Greg] laughs uproariously for an uncomfortably long time then abruptly stops. "No." HEE!" Loved that.

*SuperDave got married! And is still happily married! Dear writers: I wouldn't mind seeing the wife at some point...

*Nick wrangling pigs was utterly hilarious and also had me thinking of a similar moment with Mulder. Put me in such a good mood that I don't even feel a need to slap him for his later comments about thinking it's a bad idea to date someone you work with. Speaking of which, I think that scene was actually in response to something Warrick was saying about Tina. Usually I relish little bones that tell me she still exists and they really haven't forgotten about her, but in this case I was too distracted by the end of that exchange to care -
Nick: ... You never really get to get away from work when you need to, you know?
Warrick: You mean like me and you baby?
Nick: Yeah, exactly honey.

XD Need another minute to catch my breath from laughing too hard. After GSR and anything involving Greg, their friendship is the best thing about this show.

*I thought the taxidermied head was quite possibly the coolest prop ever used on CSI. Then again, I have this terrible fascination with taxidermied animals. Even though I abhor the idea of people killing animals for the sole purpose of mounting them on walls, I love looking at finished specimens in museums and nature centers and things like that. And when it comes to CSI, I'll take a head mounted on a wall over a messy stabbing victim any day.

Next week: My timer-record always seems to switch over to NBC before it catches the preview, so I can't comment on whatever's making everybody twitchy. I didn't read a whole lot of spoilers about it before they vanished, either, but what I do know is that Lady Heather is back, to which I say it damn well better be to die. I frequently call her one of the worst characters ever to hit television - compared to her, I practically LOVE Sid the Creepy Coroner. There's no need to fear for the GSR this year, but that was really never my issue with her anyway. My issue is that she's a dominatrix. An extraordinarily creepy dominatrix who makes her living enabling peoples' sexual kinks as they pertain to BDSM, which is so so gross I feel like I need to take about 7 showers just for remembering the previous episodes. Ew, ew, ew. The worst part is that she has this huge following of fans, which...WHY? Honestly, I want to know what about her could possibly be appealing to anyone.

ER - "I Don't"
I am now officially never going to give up my campaign to someday have a CSI episode that has no crime scenes whatsoever and instead focuses entirely on character interaction.

I am generally not a fan of the weddings on this show, mostly because I am not a fan of weddings and think they are incredibly boring. Additionally, I could fill a book sniping about weddings being nothing more than overpriced parties that no longer mean much given that these days it seems like everybody sleeps with and frequently also lives with their significant other long before they ever get married. (These two included.) But I'll stop at that.

I could definitely understand Abby's indignation about having this elaborate wedding planned without her knowledge or consent, but I'm glad she quickly got over her initial frustration without a dramatic storming out of the building or anything like that. He did it with the best intentions, after all, not to mention that it saves her a whole lot of stress regarding wedding plans. Although I loved her griping about it being just "a bunch of people from work." A few years ago those would have been the best people in the world, but look around now and what've you got - Hope? Morris? Come on.

I loved her asking Neela to be her maid of honor, and the subsequent apology for not really being there for her this past year. Yes! I miss Abby/Neela being BFFs. It's hard to find fault with either of them, the former being busy with her baby and the latter with her surgical internship, but just a little acknowledgment of that distance was perfect.

Which brings us to Pratt as Luka's best man. PRATT? True, of those that are present he's the best choice, but...that was the point at which I was curled up in a fetal position howling "Nooooo you can't get married without Carter! Carter is supposed to be the best man!" I missed him before I missed Abby's mom, actually. Sigh. I need a moment to go stalk TNT and figure out when they'll be running a glut of seasons 6-9 to soothe all my hurt feelings. *remembers she doesn't have TNT* Sigh.

Long story short, however, it ended up being a lovely wedding and Luka & Abby are my OTP from here on out. Nothing will separate them. Ever. I'm actually relying on more than my own determination here; people who get married on ER take that "til death do us part" vow very seriously. Although death often does part them...particularly when one cast member is leaving the show but the other is not...I will not think about that. Doug and Carol set a precedent for happily ever after with children! Which Mark Greene totally ruined, but will not think about that.

Abby and Luka, however, were only half the story as Neela eventually stole the show by being the woman all the guys (and at least one girl) want to get with. Two of them kissed her - Dubenko, who was actually really sweet and adorable about it in a drunk and dopey sort of way, and then we find out Mae Lee is gay when about a minute later, she rambles on about how much she admires and respects Neela as this amazing surgeon and *smooch*. Great, now I can never again thank any of my female teachers for being role models without worrying that I sound like a have a crush on them.

Incidentally, Neela's expression after both of said kisses is the funniest thing I've ever seen. She's just like "Oooo-kay. SIGH."

And then we have Ray and Tony. Let's start with the latter. My Obligatory Scene of Squee tonight involves him on the phone with Sarah, during which Neela approaches and asks what's wrong. Tony says she's having a rough night, and then abruptly switches to "Sometimes I just get so damn angry with her," and for a horrified minute I think he's still talking about Sarah, like maybe he thinks she should be less needy. But then it becomes clear that he's harboring residual resentment at Meg for committing suicide - "I mean, how could she leave a beautiful kid like this?"

As he continues, I get an overwhelming sense that this is always how it goes with Neela - whenever they talk, he is always wrapped up in his own problems. She always offers a sympathetic ear, but their relationship is clearly not balanced. As mature as he is when it comes to Sarah, he's very immature in his approach to romantic relationships. Which is why I find I am not only not bothered, but almost relieved when she breaks up with him for good. "I don't love you. I don't think you love me. And I don't see much chance of that changing any time soon."

My initial reaction is to vehemently deny that, but then it sinks in that really...she's right. They were cute, but I never felt love - I completely agree with her analysis that they rushed into it in an attempt to move on from a past part of their lives. Hm, that's kind of like why I shipped them - couldn't stand seeing Neela alone, and Gates was perfectly attractive. But I don't see love developing; see previous note on immaturity. At this point, Sarah is his only real focus, and she should be. And Neela doesn't fit into that arrangement right now. That doesn't mean I want her turning right around and running to Ray, though.

Before I finish this segment, I want to mention that I'm glad Neela brought up Gallant, and how she's still angry with him for dying. Good to know! I'm still mad at him too, since clearly out of all the people who have ever vied for Neela's affections, he was the best.

So, Ray and Gates get into a fantastic fistfight (something that would make weddings far more interesting in real life), mostly because the former is drunk off his ass and he gets rather surly in that mode. Okay, I don't blame him for getting pissed at Gates after the latter arrogantly proclaimed that "whatever history you two have is over." But Ray bringing up Meg was waaaaay below the belt. And I don't blame Gates for turning around and trying to take his head off. I also really loved Pratt and Morris hanging around the sidelines, bemusedly watching the conflict brew until it erupted and they were obligated to pull them apart.

And now Ray wanders off in a drunken blitz and goes missing, or something. I hope he got hit by that bus. This is not at all related to my recently resurfaced bitterness over Gallant's death.
Numb3rs - "Under Pressure"
As with Bones, my interest in this show is similarly flagging, although I have no specific reason for this one. I am certainly still entertained beyond belief by Spy's weekly recaps. But I have no additional comments of my own this week save for

1) Where's Amita?
2) The lack of Amita + lack of Megan has caused such a drought of ship-related happiness that I am forced to begin finding fuzziness between Don and Liz. Not that it was hard to do this week, after his "I couldn't deal if something happened to you." Emotional investment! Yes!
3) Excuse me while I beat my fists on the floor and laugh hysterically as Colby cluelessly ponders asking Liz out. Followed by David's "Fool, don't you know she and Don have A Thing?"
4) Since I'm apparently going in reverse chronological order with these points...I'm completely on David's side when it comes to saving the innocent civilian from death by crowbar vs. catching a member of a terrorist cell. Don can bluster all he wants about "One life versus a thousand," but there's no *guarantee* that letting that one terrorist lead you to others would stop an attack, nor that you wouldn't be able to find said cell through other methods and save that thousand anyway. Watching a man be killed right in front of you, however, when it was fully within your power to stop it, is just gross.
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