RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Sleepy Hollow gave me some feelings tonight.

*wheezes and sprawls on floor, gasping for breath*

Oh my god, Sleepy Hollow nearly gave me a heart attack from stress tonight. My heart physically hurts from slamming so hard against its boundaries in dread. It's been almost ten minutes since it ended and I'm still a shaking wreck. What would I have done if it hadn't turned out well?! Based on this, I am legitimately afraid of what's going to happen after the season finale.

On the other hand, MOTHER OF GOD I AM SO HAPPY EVERYTHING TURNED OUT OKAY, at least for now. I will redact this statement later, but right now that's it, that's all I wanted, just one episode of shipper fanservice in wild abandon with nothing sad. And it did indeed go wild, throwing basically everything in the entire arsenal of ideal hurt/comfort tropes at me, and then some.

Here are some of the 97 things that overwhelmed me with joy tonight:

-Dream sequence/possibly based on a real memory: naked early dawn cuddling. (AL;SDJFAKL;SDFJAKL;SDJFAKL;SDJFASDF)

-Daydreaming about future children

-Faux-pregnancy (an excellent visual aid) + general infection symptoms, repeated collapsing

-Roughly 5 different types of worried arrivals to her side (to paraphrase a McDonal's commercial, the best part of being apart is getting back together)

-Scenes in a hospital AND medical emergency scenes in way rougher conditions than a hospital

-Katrina in 21st century clothes -- and Ichabod getting all flustered between 'omg hot as hell' and 'omg not outside the matrimonial bedchamber'

-Fact: having fought the last time they saw each other makes the threat to her life that much sweeter (TOLD YOU), while the threat to her life makes the resolution to the fight faster and sweeter, in an infinite feedback loop

-Another almost-fight -- delicious flash of anger! -- resolved with genuine pleading ("I would never")

-Dying wishes + "I'm so sorry. I tried. You must know I tried."

-Explanation of 20th century magic. I love those scenes, they remind me of a rescued housepet proudly bringing their formerly stray mate home and showing them the benefits of the captivity ropes

-Momentary dying

-Desperation!CPR with assorted "please don't leave me" begging

-THANK GOD YOU'RE ALIVE hugs/kissing/assorted mushiness so wonderful that my heart cannot contain it all, my heart is at capacity

There were other great parts of the episode too (i.e. everything), but this angle alone is going to feed more for at least a week if not more. I have not replayed through an episode this obsessively since...well, okay, Under the Dome 2x11, but before that, only Glee. This is the best feeling in the world.

Oh, and there will be an Epic Review at...some point, hopefully. This was just the teaser.
Tags: feelings explosion, sleepy hollow

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