RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's like this fandom has literally never seen a person dislike a popular character before.

I've spent 7 hours today enmeshed in Tumblr battles like it's Xanga in 2005, but I'm feeling pretty satisfied with my position right now. I kept a calm head, casually eviscerated a particularly nasty and cliche anon with immense politeness of a condescending nature, and reminded myself several times over that I am not only older and probably more experienced in fandom than the vast majority of the hivemind mob, but I didn't tell anybody their favorite character needed to die* or was a useless bitch, nor did I actually attack anyone personally for having terrible taste.

*I might have mentioned this outcome not being a worrisome one, but that was season finale time and I'm pretty sure I have voted "death" as an exit option for at least one character in every show I've ever watched. Who just likes an entire cast? Who does that? (I mean, unless it's Bad Judge. I am all in with that cast.)  (okay fine also Pushing Daisies but this is undermining my joke)

If anything, I feel like I came out of it accidentally feeling more favorable to both Abbie and Jenny, so really, I regret nothing about this day except for not leaving my desk chair.

It's easy to neglect one's feelings for Abbie when all the voices of heaven and hell are shouting in your ear that she has more chemistry with Ichabod than Katrina and we should let the latter die as a result, but the fact of the matter is that what I really want is all three of them to be an epic Harry Potter trio fighting this war together, with Hawley and Irving tagging along as needed.

In the meantime, though, I wouldn't mind some reassurance that this show's endgame is to demonstrate the power of love to conquer evil. There are a lot of comments about how 'omg Henry is so evil HE'S NOT YOUR SON ANYMORE, HE JUST NEEDS TO DIE,' and I think it's interesting that no one is willing to even consider that this obvious answer isn't the right one. I know it's easy to forget, but their side is based on the Bible, which goes hand in hand with God. God's love, forgiveness of sin...nothing?
Tags: sleepy hollow, tumblr

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