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In a nutshell, I walked in like I'd rehearsed it and didn't even pause before I saw "Ruff" and lifted a thick Scholastic paperback about a collie out of the children's section, then snatched up a hardcover ex-library horse book two seconds later. I made a calmer tour around the rest of the room, scooping up more animal books while eyeballing the remaining corner of the children's section currently blocked by children sprawled on the floor reading while their mothers gabbed. It took like 20 minutes before they cleared out. But then, oh then.

I strolled up, nearly lost my &*$@ and dove in to seize a clothbound horse story I recognize from the pony book forums as highly sought after and relatively rare. It's got no dust jacket, some staining on the top edge and worst of all a small chunk bitten out of the top of the spine, but it's the book, all right. I invested a dollar.

The cheapest copy I can find online is $60.00.

And that is the story of how I am going to spend the rest of my night singing and dancing around the house and praising all the book fairies who make my life better (maybe also God, if he wants to take credit, but the book fairies are so much prettier).
Tags: book sales

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