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Today was a fairytale, you were the prince

I keep seeing This Star Won't Go Out prominently featured at Barnes & Noble, thinking it looked really cool, and since it's nominated for a Goodreads Choice award I decided to check it out. I figured that since it's so closely tied to The Fault In Our Stars, I'd have a fight on my hands to request it in a timely fashion, but nope! It was actually checked in at the library. (then again, it was also published much earlier than I thought it was)

It is RIDICULOUSLY heavy and fat (430 pages in a slightly larger than average hardcover size), but it's printed on colored pages and full of photos, drawings, and a generally neat scrapbook-style collection of writings. It's everything I love in epic book design. I honestly expected it to feel like an unnecessary bid for charity funds -- er, not that charity is unnecessary, but more like one of those "this only exists because people will buy it on hype alone" memoirs -- but so far I'm very thrilled. This is exactly the sort of legacy I would like leave behind, aside from the fact that this rambling blog of TV rambles is my most significant online presence. It is definitely on my "buy it the minute it costs $8 or less" list.

Speaking of TV rambles, I forgot the Wednesday TV shows in that last roundup post and it's been two weeks since I last mentioned them, so double helpings for all!

Merges on blood vs. water are less exciting when the only people newly delighted to reunite are Keith and Wes, but I digress. A moment of silence for the only thing I could think to say after Julie sent herself home, to build on my previous cart-horse metaphor.

A short time after this a cart with a dead horse in it passed our cab-stand. ... I believe it was Ginger; I hoped it was, for then her troubles would be over. (Black Beauty)

As for this week, WOOHOO FOR GETTING RID OF JOSH. He made a valiant effort, with valid points, and I appreciated his and Reed's interaction as the votes were being read, but he drew from the Blackmail Baylor well too many times for comfort. I really didn't like his snake-like "I'm your friiiiend we gotta stick together I've totally never voted for you! / THAT UNDERHANDED TRAITOR MUST GET GONE" waffling. I know Jaclyn flipped because the guys were gross and sexist (and I feel like Reed was telling the truth when he insisted he was not behaving like the chauvinistic cretins), but having that reasoning result in the outcome I wanted was fantastic.

Plus, I always like women who can confidently say their man will do whatever they want (within reason). It's a cool dynamic. Establish it early and often.

(Side not: my mom and I both swooned a lil' bit over Jeremy's disgusted reaction the guys being gross around camp. That is the kind of chivalry I like to see! Essentially, it's fine to act like that with other guys, whatever, but when there's a woman around, you clean it up and show some RESPECT.)

The Parenting Wars continue to be interesting to me because it feels like everyone has a valid point. I love Keith's casual "MY kid would get a whupping if they just laid around all day," and see him rightfully thinking Baylor needs to do more. (the fact that he's not the first father Missy has clashed with lends credibility to this statement) I also love Missy "Mama Bear" flatly coming after anyone who tries to order her daughter around, because it does come across like unfair criticism out of the blue. Actually, I just loved her Game Face/Follow My Lead talk with Baylor. I think that's the kind of dynamic my own mom and I would have out there.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that Alex is a gross human being. He single-handedly makes me think The Patriarchy might be a real thing, what with his casual entitlement and visible disregard for women's opinions/input. He's like every problem with male privilege that Tumblr feminists complain about rolled into one human being like nothing I've ever encountered in my own life. I keep blinking in actual disbelief at what I'm seeing. Here's a nicely paraphrased translation from Reality TV Calendar:

Now even though these idiots are pissing away Baylor’s jury vote (assuming things still went well), they’ve at least avoided pissing off Jaclyn.

Whoops. Not so fast, Stimpy!

Manly-man: Women! Tend fire!
Other manly-man: Think they do it?
Manly-man: Probably not. Women-folk is dumb and can’t do stuff.

Great immunity challenge and almost as good to see Jeremy win it as it was to see Keith win last week. Muscles and memory going for him, huh? I like this. A lot. Now I kind of want him to win, even though at this point I'm fine with anyone other than Wes or Alex winning (and I'm 100% sure they won't).

Criminal Minds

If The Shoe Fits: That was WONDERFUL. Season favorite so far. I loved every second of her sad backstory and delusional fantasy about being a real-life Cinderella and punishing men who break the rules of courtship. (I also liked the aspect of her being a background helper at a dry cleaner's, which cannot be a coincidence. Mend the clothes, Cinderella! And since it's a small family business, I bet there's also an element of "Sweep the floors, Cinderella.")

The rapid downward spiral of her visiting the wrong grave and the poor hapless Charming who just could not see the danger signs got my adrenaline pumping, too. But then it went far above and beyond with using Reid as the princely bait at the end. I loved it when they used him like this in The Uncanny Valley, but I loved it even more here. My heart twinged uncertainly at how cruel this might seem to her when the fantasy breaks, but on the other hand, I saw this with the beautiful lighting and the romantic gestures and I swooned and started hearing a Taylor Swift song on the spot.

Can you feel this magic in the air? (x)

Hash Tag: Nice commentary on the issues with heavy social media usage and over-exposure. I especially liked the awful twist with the media inadvertently causing one woman massive hospital bills by giving him a platform to shoot her on live TV. Well paced, and a good touch on making us care about the victim who started it all. Though I was really hoping it was going to be her dweeby friend who ended up being the killer; I feel like in trying to combine social media and Creepy Pasta, they diluted the original story/motive a bit. Then again, I loved the creepy floating Mark Twain face, so...
last week, "Love is a Battlefield": oh god how I wish they had not gone to dead-pet territory. That is an element of realism I prefer to leave out. Otherwise, I thought this was a brilliantly twisty spiral of elaborate lies and sociopath tendencies that I would NEVER have seen coming. My vote was on "random member of the public with a vendetta against the 1%" the whole time.

this week: glad they highlighted celebrity stalking, otherwise not much to say beyond how much I loved that ending tag and how this confirmed two things for me: a) Maggie Q is a work of exquisite beauty, and b) Beth is still the only member of the team who feels real and not like a crime-solving drone. Also, the scenes with her friend are lovely, but bizarrely make me feel like I've been transported to a British drama. It doesn't have the same tone as the rest of the show, and I don't mean that in a bad way -- it's a really wonderful feeling, like getting two shows in one.

P.S. the spot of hair missing from that one guy's eyebrow is driving me crazy. COLOR IT IN OR PLUCK THE OTHER ONE.
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