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First of all, I'm mad at myself for taking this long to figure out that Tracy Chapman has the perfect song to dissect for posts about this show -- I am sure I could have created a good 3-5 more titles out of its lyrics. ("Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation" COME ON HOW IS THAT NOT THE PATRIOTS.)

Second of all...with deep sadness, I must finally relinquish my hold on this show. Mostly. I've got the DVDs coming in from the library to mine for extras, and as I'm thick in the throes of a mini Renewed Obsession Love I'll probably be bouncing through bits from season 1, but we have finally come to the end of new canon.

2x21, Memorial Day:So the odds are like 8 to 1 that Rachel & Miles aren't reuniting again, huh? Fiddlesticks. [edit: never been so happy to be wrong.] And now I'm running to the finale ASAP because my heart is about to explode from tension and suspense and I cannot watch any more dramas that are THIS stressful and play this fast and loose with death. TRAIN HEISTS?? MUSTARD GAS STOCKPILES WAITING TO KILL TOWN HALLS FULL OF FAMILIES?? CURIOSITY KILLING THE FIANCEE?? (Farewell, Marian. I am super tired of dudes using their boring "I really loved you" shtick before dealing death to their paramours.)

But before I go: I continue to love the Former Monroe Republic Bromance taking center stage, though not quite as much as I loved one more round of Miles immediately inserting himself between Charlie and Tom Neville's cocked gun. (then again, this new threat to his boyfriend did cause Monroe to get all steely and put a warning gun to Tom's head, so...) (and meanwhile, Connor just stands back like 'fuck this I'm starting my own army where nobody has any pansy-ass Feelings. You with me, Babyface?')

And OH MY GOD THE HOUSE OF MACABRE HORRORS JUST GOT TEN TIMES MORE TERRIFYING MY HEART IS WAY BEYOND EXPLOSION TERRITORY. I literally cannot in good conscience recommend this show to people with heart conditions.

2x22, Declaration of Independence: You know what, I'm liveblogging this because it's literally the first one I've watched at the computer vs. lying in bed.

  • Show you have so preciously little time; why do you waste so much of it recycling footage from the end of the previous episode.

  • Faceless children. So many Doctor Who themes all up in this joint lately...

  • I am not okay with Priscilla waking up until I know where Rachel is and that she's safe and sound. Those nano bitches had to go somewhere and I would much rather they be in Priscilla than in my beauty queen of fearless nanite-bitchslapping awesomeness.

  • Whoa. Ed's really plumbing new levels of desperate insanity, isn't he?

  • "We're not going to kill the president," Miles says with the same cheer he uses to propose every nutjob scheme, "We're gonna kidnap him." That should end well.

  • Boy, 20 minutes from the END FOREVER and it is sure not looking like we got resolution for this series. On bright side, Miles is now marching through the woods with his two girls at his side, so right now I'm okay if the series ends in a limbo like this.

  • "Because he trusted me." Awww, now Monroe is just like a sad pitbull who's never known anything but fighting yet still yearns for kindness and praise

  • Well that heist ended poorly.

  • Update: JUST KIDDING. Hahaha, I don't know why I can't anticipate these things or put clues together at all, but SUCH A GOOD FAKE TAKEDOWN. I <3 GOOD TEXAS RANGERS.

  • Miles: "Have a nice trip, sweetheart. Enjoy all the...torture."

  • Aw, what a relatively happy ending! Texas declares war on U.S., and what with outnumbering them 4 to 1, the Patriots should be crushed by the end of summer, and then it's all good! I mean, we should probably find out what the nanites are doing, but I'd prefer not to think of them just now. This is way more (and better) resolution than I ever dared hope. Some real Deus Ex Machina schemes -- which I needed for peace of mind. And to think, not 15 minutes ago I saw no possible way they could come to a satisfying close! This show can pack a shocking amount into 40 minutes when it wants to.

  • Oh my god this is some straight up Ted Mosby's Kids levels of parent shipping only this time I LOVE IT. When Charlie asks what happens after summer, you assume she's worried about the potential Monroe Republic but nah. Her biggest concern? "I think you and my mom should give it a shot. A real one." WHAT IS THIS HAPPINESS IN MY HEART?? I DON'T UNDERSTAND?? GRATUITOUS MUSHY SHIPPER FANSERVICE?? "You love her, she loves you. Kind of an open secret." *HEART ATTACK* NO WAIT IT JUST KEEPS GOING. "You guys deserve to run off and be happy together." AND FINALLY: "I'm glad that it's you, Miles."

  • So really, their last wonderful moment was in 2x20, as I feared, but this scene is an acceptable coda.

  • Ugh, now I have to face the musical cliffhanger, don't I? Boo. I want to stop where the Patriots are the last and biggest remaining threat.

  • Oh man, I don't know if I am delighted (CREEPY NEION CLOWN ICE CREAM SHOP SIGN), impatient and mad that now I don't get to see the Fight Against The Nanos after that creepy setup that promised they had a hundred more storylines in them for as many seasons they could get, or secretly bored and relieved that I don't have to watch it, because lbr, the nanotech is by far the least interesting villain to date. And you can't cut it down with a sword or shoot it, at least not easily or in a truly satisfying way.

Final Verdict: Here's how I'm looking at it: they gave me a feasibly happy ending for Miles and Rachel (AT LEAST NOW THEY CAN'T KILL HER OFF), and although I personally think they had at least 4 or 5 more action movies in them and I'm a little sad we didn't get a definitive end to some really cool world-building, it's probably for the best that I don't have to deal with any more nano-posessed people. Better yet, we DID get a surprisingly definitive end to the Patriots, and that's more than I figured I could ask for.

So I guess it's a win? It's certainly nowhere near the worst series finales I've seen in my day, and I have seen a lot of bad ones. Plus Monroe, however wistfully, chose the side of Good and Redemption at the expense of all else (dear lost man), and we never got hard confirmation of Julia's death, so I'll bet you anything she's still alive somewhere and she gets out as the Patriots fall. Those are good endings, too.

That said, I just might throat-punch anyone who badmouths this show (plot-wise or any other part of it) in my vicinity for the next several days.
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