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The season 1 Revolution DVD came to me this week, and while I was reluctant to go back to the world where Rachel is either captive or at odds with Miles, Monroe's evil and Charlie's human, once I started looking through the special features, I thawed out.

Creating Revolution: I knew I loved the set design, but this really took my breath away with just how much work goes into it and how good their final product is. I assumed some of the backgrounds were CGI, but I can't think of a single thing I looked at and actually thought "blue screen." The foreground/background blending is seamless. Also, the discussion of set decoration with all the antique pieces in Monroe's office? Very cool.

In-depth look at the pilot: again, just reminded me what a good pilot it was and how amazed I am at the sheer depth of world-building required for this story. Plus it reminded me how much I like the score/soundtrack for this series. It really evokes the period well. Although I will definitely cop to my dismay upon hearing that the original script was just Miles and Charlie trekking alone, and other characters like MY NEMESES Aaron and Jason were added at the bequest of the network. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, NBC.

Webisodes: So I definitely didn't know these existed. 10 minutes' worth of pre-series footage featuring Neville in the Monroe Republic and how he got the gig of tracking Ben in the first place, plus how he learned about Rachel (without knowing who she was at the time). LOVE IT.

Gag reel: It's only 2 minutes long, but it's hilarious. Especially the horse related bloopers, the best of which is Charlie's actress trying to recite dialogue while the horse keeps insistingly nuzzling her cheek on every single take. SO CUTE. I also liked Billy Burke accidentally hitting himself in the eye with the gun. Blink. "That hurt." And the ending clip, the closeup where Tracy's laughing, is like...a terrifying horror movie clip. She's channeling a lunging velociprator, I swear.

Deleted scenes: there are more than I expected, not all substantial, but some good ones.
-Telling Charlie that her being a tough chick is roughly as pathetic as watching a poodle walk on its hind legs. And more to the point...why he's out here: "I'm out here because of your dad. I failed him, in a lot of ways. And if I  were to turn his only daughter into some dead-eyed dick version of me...can't do that." Oops @ season 2, then.

-Miles being all gruff and grumpy about why anyone would want to want to bring a kid into this awful Christmas-less world, besides the problem of how they make you vulnerable, and expressing surprise that Nora wants to have them. (I think she would have made a good mom, too. Now I'm madder about her death) More to the point, Nora does a wonderful job of pointing out, "Your eyes haven't left that boat all night. So. You don't want a kid, but I hate to break it to you -- you've already got one."

-When they lock Jason out of the bunker, Charlie whirls on Miles about leaving him out there to die, and Miles shoots back, "It was him or your mom! Who's more important?"


Then, using my reviews as a guide -- see, this is one of the many reasons I write them -- I bounced back through episodes in search of gold nuggets. I found these:

1x04, Plague Dogs: the end of the "everybody leaves me, please don't" scene was still INFINITELY MAJESTIC. I can watch it 20 times without losing one ounce of squee over Miles pulling her close and vowing not to leave. It's been four episodes.

1x06, Sex and Drugs: That time Miles exploded in response to a creep giving Charlie a black eye unprovoked.

1x07, The Children's Crusade: Awww, it's tiny Joe McAlister leading the Lost Boys! Don't you love when you spot actors from shows you love in old episodes of other shows you love? Also, those flashbacks to when Rachel was pregnant with Danny kinda put a temporary kink in my Miles/Rachel shipping plans. A tiny and temporary one, because I pride myself on multi-shipping in sequence, but still.

Then I skipped to the last disc because I felt like it:
1x17, The Longest Day: Another most excellent Charlie rescue ("I'm not gonna leave Charlie for dead. I did it to her mom...not gonna do it to her."), with the sobbing and clingy hugging.

1x19, Children of Men: I like Monroe's apology scene even better now. "I don't want to let another one of your kids get hurt." + the "What about Miles?" / "No promises, but I will save Charlie, I swear."

1x20, The Dark Tower: Monroe following Miles through the woods and angsting about how all he ever cared about was watching Miles' back, and yet he tried to kill him for it, SOB WHY, was wonderful. It's getting really hard for my brain to keep in it check on the "like brothers" aspect and not believe I am looking at a straight-up unrequited love story.

And back in order...getting way more elaborate now that I'm on Day 2 of rediscovery
1x09, Kashmir: Oh gosh, this one took me a while. The review remains startlingly accurate. but Imma reiterate anyway. First his are-you-crazy "I'm not going anywhere," when Charlie tries to send him ahead while Nora works on the pressure-switch bomb, and then the protective positioning and checking on her when the blast knocks them down as they run. And later, his wobbly "hey, kid," when she finally opens her eyes, voice betraying the casualness of the words. (his face!) SO MUCH RELIEF. Also, Charlie's big wonderful "you saved me" eyes afterward, telling him she only came back because she heard him calling for her...askl;jal;skdjflasdf.

Love Charlie's dream scenes with her dad, making me sad that I can never have a world where I simultaneously have him alive and where Miles and Rachel can be together guilt-free. There's a tiny little pocket where I can at least enjoy imagining both Matheson brothers alive, if I focus hard enough on rejecting the emotionally cheaty backstory and keep Nora alive, but it's about as solid as a dream world.

Also, I have zero recollection of Ashley, but she is by far the most charismatic person under 30 this show has ever had. Why was she only in one episode?

1x10, Nobody's Fault But Mine: Awww, Bass/Miles backstory under heavy fire ("We're gonna have to start using swords. We'll be like pirates!") SO MUCH Bass/Miles backstory! For instance, I totally forgot about the graveside scene with his family, and all the crying. Poor sad pitbull puppy Monroe... And I certainly had more patience for all their present day one-on-one scenes this time around. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN MILES TELLS HIM THEY'RE NOT FAMILY.

In other news: would you look at the expression on Miles' face when Charlie first tells him Rachel's alive? Because that is an amazing face. It's even better than than when he first lays eyes on her, and that one's pretty good too. But I didn't know how much at the time, because this was my oc (original commentary):

I liked that Miles didn't hesitate for a second when Rachel got added to the Must Rescue list, and her slap-happy response to his face was both delightful and a backstory I am beyond eager to dig into. (not shipping not shipping not shipping damn it.) [2014 me: LMAO I can't believe I tried not shipping that for two seconds.]

In retrospect, I'm almost sad how short-lived our time with electricity was. But then again...season 2.

I'll be back tomorrow with the rest. Right now it is getting super late and even though I only have 1.5 discs left and I've stretched this one over two days, this post is big enough that I think editing it any more is probably excessive.
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