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Disaster, it strikes on a daily basis / I'm looking for wisdom in all the wrong places

Thank you, Windows Media Player Shuffle, for finding this song and pointing out how perfect it is for this show. I was all sad that I had run out of title lyrics after I finished with Tracy Chapman, but then this showed up!

1x11, The Stand: I see you, Miles, checkin' out Rachel with romantic music while Nora kisses you like her life depends on it. Knave! But I like you for it. And oh lord, this glorious wounded-expression "I would never, ever have left if I thought you were alive" is like catnip to me. (edit: OH NO MORE SAD MATHESON FAMILY HOSPITAL FLASHBACKS. My only weakness!)

Also, I've been largely avoiding the Danny scenes in this rewatch because the wasted potential hurts. I understand the decision to kill him for shock value, but every time we see him he has just the right amount of sass and stubbornness that I think, if they could have found a way to work him into the existing group dynamics, he could have been a really valuable and enjoyable main character.

Deleted scene: Ben/Rachel flashback about her treating Danny too much like a fragile doll. :)

1x12, Ghosts: Tearful mom and daughter hug at the end (one of the few moments they are not at odds), while Miles watches wistfully from afar and Nora tries not to feel like a cheap plastic trophy of a consolation prize while she slips her hand into his.

1x13: NOPE. Gonna finish this tomorrow, because I was excited when I read my original review, but seeing the hug and later the kiss directly in front of my eyeballs for the first time in a year just made my heart explode with love.

*4 days later*
Seriously, I had no visual memory of what it looked like the first time Miles and Rachel made out, so HIGH FIFTY FOR THAT. Of course, the thing that really gets the squee aflame is him holding her in bewilderment and stroking her hair on instict when she breaks down crying post-"In what world does it turn out that you're better for Charlie than I am?"

Deleted scene: General Matheson coming to encroach on the peacable Family Matheson home. "Rachel. Ben." / "Miles." / "Aren't you gonna invite me in?" where was that going?? I'm too confused to watch a whole episode!

1x16, The Love Boat: Nope, Miles flying out of nowhere to attack Tom every time he backhands and/or threatens Charlie never stops being AMAZING. "You ever touch her again, I will snap your pencil neck." + "I told you not to touch her again." (well technically he only aimed a gun the second time, but I feel you) The anti-Neville sentiment is strong in this one.

Also, I was way less bothered by the Nora/Miles scene this time around. Like, zero percent bothered. Like part of me was thinking, "I would wear that jacket/underpants combo if I were that fit. Also, these are the best shadowy shots to convey toplessness that I have ever seen. GOOD ON YOU, DIRECTOR. Also, get it, Nora." (or is that get it, Miles? I really want to convey approval of her agency and ownership of this moment, not least because this is normally the kind of thing that creeps me out, but honestly, she is the way hotter piece of tail here)
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