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Last week before the finale flood starts

Someday. Someday I am going to find people who care about Cold Case as much as I do. Which admittedly isn't a whole lot. Until then, I'll just talk to myself about the finale. Do I still need to put it behind a cut? Oh, I guess so. I feel like maybe I should actually go back and watch the whole episode before I write about it, but...nah. That part can't possibly be relevant compared to what I want to talk about.
Not being in a particularly cheerful mood last night, I was busy journaling (with actual pen and paper! SHOCK) and didn't turn on the TV until around 8:30. Just in time to see Scotty come over to check on Lilly, and hear her tell him that her mom was dead.

So much for my plans to be done crying for the night. As much as I disliked the character and didn't care to hear about her problems or Lil's strained relationship with her, dead mothers reduce me to a weepy mess. Okay, not so much a weepy mess as red-rimmed eyes and a few individual tears of the kind envied for film work, but still. Projecting onto my own life and all. It's unpleasant. And that bit was particularly heartwrenching. Did I ever tell you how much I love Scotty/Lilly moments like that? "I'm here for you" killed me. Especially when, being the proud and indepedent woman she is, all she asked was to be left alone. I'd have expected nothing else. Outside my daydreams.

Resumed journaling and not paying attention to the case of the week until suddenly a random gunman was taking most of the team hostage. Okay then - mute the MP3 player and up the TV volume.

I honestly thought they were going to cliff-hang us on her slumping against the wall, mumbling "He got me," and I was looking for something to throw. Luckily, I was placated by Scotty rushing to her side and yelling for the paramedics. They arrived; we got all the way to showing them patching up the lieutenant and getting Lilly safely into the ambulance and to the hospital. I guess it was supposed to make us freak out that she was mumbling "Mom" right before the credits rolled, but honestly, she looked a lot closer to death lying bleeding in the interrogation room than she did on the hospital gurney. Maybe she's having a near-death experience, but they couldn't do this show without Lilly any more than Grey's Anatomy could survive without Meredith. So I wouldn't consider it a cliffhanger so much as simply ending on a powerfully emotional note, much like the end of CSI: NY last year. If only all my shows could close their seasons so well (*coughCSI*).

I could have done without Bitchy Agent laying a hand on Scotty's arm at the end, though. Was there an important moment I missed last week? Why else, exactly, did she need to be here to lend moral support?
Without a Trace was kind of a letdown after that, given that their real finale isn't airing until...WTF Thursday in its old timeslot, and thank goodness I've got 2 TVs, because that puts it up against ER and neither one airs online. Anyway, it was a good episode to watch with my parents (read: nothing to squee about). Liked the storyline of the girl going missing from Prom, but there was nothing really worth noting except for Jack and Viv's amusing bet over whether or not the suspect had locked himself in his trunk. And I suppose
there's also Jack's unexpectedly benevolent attitude at the end, where he puts on his usual bluster and threatens to arrest the dumb kids for wasting manpower...but then softens into a normal human being and says he won't, because she reminds him of "someone I used to know." Quoi? My guess would be he's talking about Sam, what with the blondeness and rash decisions and getting married at age 18, except that doesn't explain the "used to" part of the statement. Odd. But I really don't care about Jack, so I guess it doesn't matter. Next week: Elena drama (and by proxy, D/E) goes off the charts and makes up for the past five weeks of boredom.
CSI Miami, "Kill Switch"
Hel-lo, was that two good episodes in a row? Voice, I'm scared, hold me.  Okay, it wasn't quite on par with last week's, and nowhere near the level of "this time last year," but I still thought it was pretty solid.  Even asshattery can be entertaining if one focuses on the emotional effect of the fallout enough.

First of all, Ryan came off as unbearably smug and far too confident in his credibility as a CSI for someone who'd just been FIRED, to the point where I was squirming in embarrassment just listening to him talk to the newscaster.  I mean, one assumes the real CSIs have already identified the carjacker, but it comes across like Ryan is figuring this out for the first time on the air, thus igniting citizens to rush out and do what the police can't.  Then again, I can't figure out how a simple carjacking is enough to inspire a murderous mob.  He stole a car - he didn't kill anyone, he didn't abduct the girl and leave her for dead somewhere, he's not a repeat sex offender/child molester; the girl only got a tiny scratch or two, barely worthy of a Band-Aid.  I'm glad there turned out to be a better, if somewhat convoluted and complicated, explanation for the man's murder in the end.  I admit that I was kept guessing, wondering whodunnit, and that fact that I cared is enough for me to consider it a decent casefile.  Or maybe I just really love it when Horatio teams up with the Coast Guard to chase down suspects fleeing by boat.

But back to Ryan, because that's who, after all, the episode is really about.  When even Calleigh's mad at you, that's when you know you've screwed up.  Over the past two seasons, Eric's usual reaction to Ryan's errors is open hostility, while Horatio has a tendency to turn a blind eye toward strife within his team until/unless he's dragged into it.  Calleigh, on the other hand, after her initial suspicion, has traditionally been the more patient and forgiving one, seeing him through his mistakes.  He's sorely tested her patience a time or two, though, and I don't blame her for having finally stopped giving him chances.  Anger isn't the only emotion at play, either; her disappointment is evident when, after bringing to light a few of his major mishaps in the past year, she adds, "Are you 'not doing it' [anymore] in the way that you burned the counterfeit money and promised you'd never bet again?" I feel for him and what he sees on the job; especially given that he's fairly young guy and not as conditioned as his colleagues, and I don't think he's as able to compartmentalize as they are, but it's not an excuse any more than Sara's turning to alcohol was on CSI.

Another way to tell you've screwed up bad is when you're such a pariah that the EX-MOLEY MOLEY MOLE knows exactly how you feel.  I figured they were eventually going to have a conversation, and I was dreading it because I really didn't want to believe that there could be a time when Natalia was accepted while Ryan was ostracized, but that's exactly how it worked out.  And despite my abhorrence of saying anything positive about Nat...she was about the only person willing to approach him, and if she's not exactly on his side, she's not quite condemning him either.  And she even has the good sense to point out that news cameras are not his friends, and he'd do well to stay away from them.  Good Lord, I think I just admitted to liking a Natalia scene.

I positively loved Eric razzing him about the news schtick , quoting his words back with exaggerated importance. HAH!  So well deserved.  Eric's light-hearted side has made a definite comeback; I didn't realize how much I'd missed it. There was a nice moment in there, too, not taking the opportunity for a dig when a rather dismayed Ryan jumps to the conclusion that Delko's as mad at him as everyone else.  "I got my own problems."

And finally, we come full-circle to a conversation with Horatio.  The old Horatio. "And we, Mr. Wolfe, are not going to abandon you."  Except for the part last week where he impassively watched him walk away in shame and didn't lift a finger to stop him.  For my peace of mind, I will pretend that Horatio knew all along Wolfe would eventually come back, and was simply waiting for him to use the experience and the time away to clear his head and come around to the realizations he was spouting off here.  To be fair, Ryan probably did need such a wake-up call.  And despite the cautionary warning about Wolfe's past and future actions coming under close scrutiny, when he owns up to it, there's little smile tugging at the corners of Horatio's mouth, a glimmer of pride.  Ryan's an upstanding guy after all.  Here's hoping this marks a turning point for his poor battered character, where he starts to go back to being the guy he was in season 3, who went out of his way to save well-meaning nannies from being charged for trying to create a better living environment for emotionally neglected babies.  (why yes, I DID love those flashback clips) As for getting his job back...erm, can't Horatio make that call on his own?  Or does he have to use his Word of Gold to help Ryan navigate around IAB first?

Other Things:
  • "WETX" sounds like it would be a much more appropriate name for a porn site than a news station.
  • Natalia's Shirt of Envy this week is a lovely fitted blue tank with a white flower pattern.  It's a bit low-cut for my tastes (and work), but she looks good in it.
  • Whoops...I didn't recognize Luke from the O.C.  I mean, I noticed an uncanny resemblance, but his hair was so long I thought it was just a lookalike.
  • Was Ryan's cameraman the same one who follows Erica Sykes around?  I caught a few minutes of "Free Fall" in a rerun the night before, so it's either fresh in my mind or I'm mixing the two images. 
  • I really hate that sort of...I don't know, Mexican trumpet music? that plays over the scene where E/N are examining the boat.  It's been used in a few other episodes, and I can't explain why but it grates on my nerves.
  • Oh, and Calleigh kind of made a date with Jake.  I told you the E/C ship was still largely in Eric's head, as Calleigh has clearly brushed off whatever momentary sparks she thought she felt last week.  10 to 1 says he's currently telling himself he's not jealous because he doesn't LIKE her like that...and who is he kidding?  (I'm sure I'll have a completely different take on this after next week, so stay tuned.)
Next Week: Season finale?  Already??  Yikes.  The preview was terribly unhelpful, but I think they're going with the serial killer angle, which would be a lot more entertaining if it were someone we'd already seen on this show, like Stuart Otis in season 1.  Ah well.  In other lowlights, I think that's Jake jamming his tongue down Calleigh's throat, which...I refuse to process right now. I'm more interested in all the articles that are hinting at danger for Horatio, of the "almost dying" kind (according to Ann Donahue, anyway), which sounds fantastic in theory, but which sounds implausible given that it would require Horatio to, you know, get hurt.  That will not stop me from crossing my fingers and hoping that the "officer down" line refers to him, but as jeremybrettfan most aptly put it, 'I really really hope "almost dying' doesn't mean 'Ow, a splinter.'"
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