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I have at least 3 different draft posts going on, including a pretty epic Fangirling Over Reed Kelly one that I haven't finished organizing/adding photos to yet, but as I would like to update, here are some happy TV-shaped thoughts:

6x18: DUELIN' NINJAS?! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY. Oh, man. I never, ever got tired of the random throwing stars, swordfights, or any other bizarre weaponry thrown with lightning speed and Xena precision. Nor did I get tired of Castle's sheer glee on the matter.

Also the gentlemen's club scenes were DELIGHTFUL, and eclipsed only by Beckett's mini-explosion that he didn't rescue her from the Friend Dinner from Hell because he was making out with some skanky club chick. I think she could have been madder on that front, actually. But I loved their making up, from her fears about marraige growing stale to his brilliant suggesting of putting a measure against that in their vows to her adorably slow route to forgiveness. "Does this mean you forgive me for not calling?" / "Mm-mm. Not yet." / "Oh." *kiss* "How about now?" / "Mmm...getting there." / "This is torture." *schmoopy kissing*

6x19, The Greater Good: Gates feature!! Not a great case and not one of the more memorable episodes, but I enjoyed meeting Gates' sister (quieter but meaner) and their backstory of being the Dynamic Duo, before that unfortunate 15-year wedge came between them.

Caskett front: "Castle, I love you, but I will not marry you on a ride. Nor in space, nor on a slide," is my new favorite line. And I love how people on TV always struggle to narrow down their guest list for weddings. Calling on every distant relative I can think of, I've come up with about 25. That said, I am also glad that this ended with them realizing they do, in fact, need to invite more than just each other for their perfect wedding. (Really, Castle, I'm going to need you to stop forgetting that your daughter is the most important person in your life)

6x20, That 70s Show: Good lord, that was...bizarre. But neat? I am impressed by Castle-the-man's flair for set dressing, though I'm still not clear how anything Beckett was wearing with that vest would qualify as police attire. Castle, on the other hand, looked WILDLY good in his 70s suits. And Espoito and Ryan, don't even get me started! I also liked Gates exploding at them, and coming to dance at the disco at the end, looking gorgeous. Episodes like this give me hope that one day I will again be able to enjoy episodes where Castle and Beckett are not in love, because other than some wedding talk and maybe the dancing, there were no particularly romantic* scenes.
*Except Martha wanting to wait for them to finish... "whatever you were doing in there." Castle: Sleeping?
Bonus: Alexis' role as a runaway teenager, despite Castle's sputtering about her outfit again. "Halter tops were big in the 70s." / "So were peasant blouses!"

6x21, Law and Boarder: Oh sure, now you remember that Alexis is the most important person in your life, when you want her to be your "best man" instead of assigning her a perfectly lovely role as one of Kate's bridesmaids. Whatever! I loved the duel-off between Esposito and Javier. But you know what I really loved? The Epic Scrabble Wars. Nothing on this earth makes me happier than the idea that Castle is the sort of person who will play Scrabble competitively and/or for hours on end, except maybe the idea of Beckett literally beating him at his own game. Like, that was so fun I could not even enjoy the idea of strip poker at the end, because Scrabble is just so OBVIOUSLY a better choice here; what fool chooses sex over board games.

6x22: OH MY GOD. I will have to come back to this episode another day because OH MY GOD.


Survivor: The world remains sad without Reed, but Natalie is making up for it. That girl is BRILLIANT and wonderful in every way. So much masterminding, so much epic masterminding, and then she goes and wins immunity through half hard work and half sheer luck (I'm pretty sure God himself knocked that vase over, probably saying something to the effect of "that's for pretending like I played favorites with you last time").

Watching her play Jon like a fiddle with her wonderfully believable lies about not knowing who she was supposed to vote for was great. (Jaclyn, it should be noted, deserves credit for being smarter than she looks, as she's always questioning things that may not  be what they seem) The way she masterminded the split vote so that Missy voted with them but didn't directly have to vote out Jon was amazing. I was really worried for a hot minute that Missy wasn't going to respond to Baylor's first sign of ungrateful backbone, but fortunately, blood won out.

Also, Keith's Day At the Spa was hilarious. "Do you feel those knots?" / "Yeah...I think some of that's my bony ribcage." I also liked how pleased he was by the discovery of bacon in one of the wraps.

Natalie also broke my heart crying about missing her sister and how this is the longest they've ever been apart, so she earned plenty of sympathy points too. Shes' going to win, right? Like, at this point it would be weird if she didn't win, because even if Jaclyn gets together with Keith and can convince him and Missy what a threat she is, she can play her idol to get to final 4 and then the numbers are on her side. Meanwhile, she's rocking the social game (does anyone on the jury dislike her? Besides maybe Jon/Jaclyn after the vote), she's willingly taken the Exile Island torture a few times to spare others, she's making big moves, AND she's a fierce challenge competitor. No one has done as much as she has to deserve this, and I don't think any one person is collectively more well-liked to win on that alone, not even Missy.

Missy broke my heart with her crying too, and her RIDICULOUSLY BRAVE willingness to spend 4 days in the wilderness on a sprained ankle, probably unable to participate in immunity challenges, so long as she doesn't have to quit.

I'm very excited Jon is gone, even though that means the end of my honeymooners. They made it pretty much as far as I needed them to go, anyway. He was getting boring as a player and I didn't want him to have a chance at winning.

Next week it's over, and I am SO SAD because I honestly think this is the best season since Tocantins in spring 2009. To fill the hole in my heart, I have been watching old episodes where Reed and Josh are on the same tribe, and I am positively in fits of squee at their endless PDA. But more on that later...

Finally, I halfheartedly watched the finale of Gracepoint just to see who the killer was.
Most of it was still super boring, and it is only by pure laziness that I didn't turn it off after 20 minutes when it looked like they were STILL following the original script despite promising a different ending. So, nice surprise twist with the kid accidentally clobbering his friend in the head while trying to protect him from his father. But god, Tennant aside, this show was full of the worst actors ever. Not necessarily in acting prowess -- except for Mr. Solano; that guy is a doofus whom I cannot take seriously to save my life -- but just in the "boring and/or annoying of face" department. Also, how dare you set up for a season 2. You really thought your simultaneous-airing copy would get a season 2?

Also, lord, Empire looks like the most godawful paroday (yet taking itself seriously!) of hip-hop ever. I almost cannot imagine a show on broadcast TV I would want to watch less.
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