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Did not think this show was even eligible for a Shiny Renewed Obsession Love tour, but boy, I was mistaken. I literally spent my entire Saturday and Sunday evenings digging into the collection of extra videos on the SurvivorOnCBS YouTube channel. I even went back and found some Ponderosa videos from last season (I can't believe the silent treatment they gave Kass when she got there! It seriously was like junior high), but my first focus here is all the remaining Ponderosa videos from this season:

Ponderosa thoughts: MAN Jeremy is a bitter dude. So much unnecessary scorn and lack of respect for people who aren't ~owning~ their game. Like he is even scoffing at Baylor saying "sorry" when he got voted out when she didn't have anything to do with it, because what kind of fool would just be sorry to lose their competition.

It was funny when he scoffed at Alec, but seeing this pattern continue is making me side-eye. It's also making me grateful that Reed got such a couple-focused Ponderosa video, because literally everyone else has lost a large chunk of time to Jeremy chuffing his displeasure at the camera guys. Even Wes lost some time to Josh so we could talk about coming out and the other Survivors guys' surprising acceptance of his sexuality. (Though I must say my heart warmed up a little bit hearing Jeremy describe his reaction to his twin brother's coming out. Apparently this is the new "guy holding a baby" standard of added hotness.)

Speaking of Wes, that dude keeps a journal?? This family is full of surprises.

Also, in surely-shocking news, my favorite thing about Jon's video was Reed coming over, bearing brownie gifts.

Incidentally, Josh's video was sweet when he talked about his family's reception to his coming out, and how long it took to tell them about Reed [Sept. 2013, for my personal timeline evidence file], even though he's still walking a real thin line between my patient and impatient sides without Reed around to bolster his image. (also, you know, I'm hearing a lot of talk about engagement, but as of the exit interviews last week I haven't seen it move forward yet. You two best not break my heart. You're not high enough on the celebrity fame game to make staying together an impossibility, are you?)
Bonus: NEW (CLOSE-UP!) ANGLE on the goodbye kiss when they replayed him getting voted out.


Speaking of those guys, four more videos collected and the things I learned from them:

Meet Josh and Reed
-They don't live together
-I quite enjoyed that little a cappella bit Josh sang about Survivor, so I looked him up briefly on YouTube, found The Prayer, and WHAT THE HELL WHOSE VOICE IS THAT THAT IS AMAZING.

Getting to Know Josh
-Mainly works in theater, but also a songwriter, writer of musicals, choir director at church, "and when I'm not doing anything else...I cater waiter."
-Originally from Michigan, grew up traveling around the country and has also lived in London/Europe for a while
-Father and all but one of his brothers are pastors (that one is planning a career in that general direction)
-Family was totally cool with him doing theater in college/for a career. Not initially so cool with him being gay, but it appears that they came around on that. (though IIRC from Ponderosa, they mostly assumed he'd be gay and celibate, which is fine -- also, incidentally, a pretty Catholic mindset -- so I assume his comment about how "not everyone agrees with how I'm living my life right now" is related to him being in a relationship)
-Based off his comment that he was 32 when the pre-show stuff was filmed, I just spent an embarrassingly long time on math and research before realizing their DOB is on the Survivor Wiki. So yeah, he's 14 months older than Reed.

Getting to Know Reed
-Contortionist and aerialist (I guess that explains the bendiness. Also, good lord, what would I give to see him do something aerial. How was he not part of the "Reach For Me" number??)
-Was a dance captain on Broadway at one point
-"I kind of get cranky when I miss a meal."
-"I want to hang from a pole for 18 hours and see what happens." Well, someone got their wish...
-"My family has a 300 acre ranch in western Wisconsin." Boom, location moderately narrowed down.
-"My mom said it made perfect sense that I became a flying monkey on Broadway, because I was always the kid she couldn't get out of trees."
-"I always knew growing up that I was going to be accepted no matter what. My mom once told me, 'Reed, I hope you know that no matter who you love, I will always love you," and I was about 12 at the point, and I was ready to come out right then. But then in my mind I was like, 'No one's going to take me seriously, I'm only 12..." Wise thoughts. "So I was going to wait, but I actually ended up telling my [older] brother. He just asked me one day, 'Are you gay?' and I was like, 'Does it matter?' and he's like, 'No, I'm gonna love you anyway, regardless'...and that was it. I told my parents shortly thereafter; that was when I was 15."

Getting to Know Reed and Josh
-Met through a mutual friend, she was playing Mary Jane in the Spiderman show Reed was in, and Josh was her roommate. "She was like, 'You should meet my roommate; you guys would be perfect together." Which he shrugged off, so she unsubtly invited them each out for a drink with her one night.

-Wow, this whole abstinence thing just keeps coming up, and does not get less awkward.

...unless you watch the video 3 or 4 times, and then it just cracks you up that Reed CANNOT let this go until we are all clear on what he's trying to imply when he hopes that the engagement/wedding isn't too far off. "People have needs." I'm getting the sense Josh is the one who came up with this.

-"Especially in this day and age, and being in the gay community, to find someone with similar feels like a blessing." (BTW if you guessed that he followed up on this by calling Josh a blessing, you would be not wrong).

-"Josh is a much bigger person than I am, 'cause I will be bitter for the rest of our lives if he votes me out. JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR." ("I'm kidding, I'm kidding...kinda.")

-For their first Valentine's Day, Reed got Josh flint. "It was just so funny. It was like, 'THIS is what you got me for Valentine's Day??'
"I'm a huge fan of the show; we had just started watching Survivor together, so I thought it would be a fun gift. Little did I know I was going to catch hell for it for the rest of our life."
Josh: "No, I think it's great. I thought it was great after a while. At first I was just like, '...' "

-"Without [Reed], I would not have come out to my family and friends. I said to him in the first year that I would never be able to tell my family or anyone from my church that I was gay, and literally within the next year..." Oh man. Spy RS wants to know everything about how this conversation/subsequent conversations went down. I can believe he was "supportive without pushing," but if you've been out for more than half your life, how long do you want to be an even semi-secret boyfriend?

P.S. I was just on Reed's Twitter again, and my eyes are kind of like O.O
June 1: 177lbs
July 1: 157lbs
Aug 1: 190lbs
Today: 170lbs
My body has been THROUGH IT in the past six months!

My mom was telling me that a lot of Survivor contestants come back home and say that after being put in that kind of starvation mode, they feel like they literally can't stop eating, so I can believe it. However, I also watched the Survivor Live broadcast he was on -- a thing I didn't even know existed, btw -- and he looked EXTREMELY fetching. Full curls and neatly trimmed beard and fit physique (esp. compared to Wes's chubby face and Alec's noticeably fuller one). This feeling confirmed and intensified by the photos on Twitter this week.

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