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Flist! Why is my Idol review up before all of yours?

That NEVER happens.  But as I haven't yet watched NCIS or the last 20 minutes of House or more than 2 scenes from SVU yet, I'm just going to toss this out, and then the thunderstorm demands I turn off computers and go to bed.

Guest mentor is Barry Gibb, who reminds me a whole lot of Henry Ian Cusick. 
Me: Who's Barry Gibb?
Mom: From the Bee Gees.  You know who they are, right?
Me: I vaguely recognize the name.  Why do I know them?
Music Video Montage: You Should Be Dancing, Stayin' Alive...
Me: Oh, I see.  The Bee Gees invented disco.

Melinda: I still just do not get the allure of Melinda.  She bores me on the same plane as Carrie Underwood, but at least Carrie is pretty to look at.  And has one confirmed hit I enjoy (Some Hearts).  Melinda did nothing to change my mind tonight.

Blake: He is the only person for whom my opinion shifts weekly based on his performance.  And this week, he rocked.  The beatboxing sounded really good in his first song, where there was nothing else to do in an otherwise long, boring note.  Other than the part where he sounded like a goat bleating on "ye-e-e-e-ah".  As for the second song, WOW! That is exactly the kind of music that I want to hear every week, not these long and boring ballads everyone else sings.  I actually started bobbing along.  In fact, it was so great that I held my breath waiting for him to ruin it with beatboxing, but he held off until the very end, and even then it was minimal.  Absolutely great; I might even buy the tracks (depending how much record-scratching noise he adds in the full length version).  Anyway, I marked him down for 10 votes, and then 10 more after the judges bashed him across the board.  And then 5 more because I felt like it.  Had to stop there before I accidentally let him overtake my Jordin-championing campaign. 

Lakisha: Okay, Paula got this one right - singing a slow version of "Stayin' Alive" really, really dragged it down.  I was ready to dance, and...yawn.  Also, her outfit was terribly unflattering - don't you know that tapered-leg pants are almost as bad as miniskirts when you're overweight?  She looked like an upside down pear.  Her second song was equally dull, although the dress had a much more slimming effect (just ignore the distracting neckline).  Green's definitely her color, especially when the sides are black.  However, if she's not out tomorrow night, the world has gone mad.

Jordin: HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.  She was breathtakingly beautiful in her first outfit, looking trimmer every week.  Look at her waistline!  Her hair and makeup were soft and feminine, too, and while I didn't love the song, it was at least better than the other women.  But then she got to her second song.  Not only did she manage to look twice as beautiful as before - that is easily the most gorgeous dress anybody's worn all season, cerulean blue with black acoutrements - but I loved her song.  Not as much as I enjoyed Blake's arrangements tonight, but definitely the best she's done in almost a month.  And hey - she made me like a Barbara Streisan song.  That alone won her 5 votes, not that I suppose it really matters in the grand scheme of things since my votes for her had no predetermined limit - I dialed repeatedly through the commercials in House and SVU until the lines closed.
Tags: american idol, tv commentary

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