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You're making it worse.

"Many questions on my vote for Jaclyn! It was clear Nat was winning, my vote was to ensure the rest of the order after Natalie came in 1st."

THAT IS JUST SPITEFUL. And kind of gross. At some point, your puritan ~love of the game~ has to take a backseat to the fact that you are playing with people with feelings, and that point is no later than now. I thought your mother raised you better than that. (unless someone confirms that Survivor splits the 2nd place prize money rather than awarding the same amount to two people if they tie, in which case I do want Jaclyn to have a bit more, but for reasons of wanting to pursue surrogacy -- not gameplay or personality)

It isn't helped by all the gleeful, gross fans, attracted like sharks to the sense of strife, who are congratulating him for being more ~epic~ than Sue's speech. Which, you know, I thought that speech was great too, when I was 14. But then I grew up. Because here is the thing, when someone is not trying to be mean, you cut them slack for short-sightedness.

I have always thought it's gross that people like (male) jerk players who stir up chaos, because I am here for watching people battle elements, navigate cool challenges, and build relationships without the advantages of electricity or modern technology. Last I checked, Reed was not one of those jerks, so I'm kind of mad that this is going to be how he made his mark on a lot of people. And I'm also mad that he's perfectly happy with it because as a superfan, all you want is for people to like how you played the game. He's gained 2000 Twitter followers in the past few days; I feel like I need to flounce and quietly refollow later.

P.S. I am really happy about Natalie!!! Like, wildly so. I just can't access my excitment as the way is barred by a thick landscape of upset feelings and frustration.
Voice: Betrayal five!
Voice: Now is exactly the time. Betrayal five me, I'm waiting.
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