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It's weird having real people be your main fandom, particularly when they are not Hollywood celebs. Like, there are no episodes to review just wait for tweets and Instagram updates. This is fun in its own way, but it means there is nothing to blog about. "Update: Reed's hair remains very attractive." The end? I am trying to nudge myself back in the direction of DVDs and other television shows I recently loved -- and also I just realized I have not technically reviewed the Survivor finale; whoops! -- but one of two things keep happening:

a) I reject TV in favor of creating my own stories in "Super Fun And Ridiculous Fanfic Times.doc." (subtitled "oh wow I could actually reshape this into original fiction for once")
b) I start binge-watching Raising Hope.

Raising Hope reruns, you see, have turned up at midnight in what has recently been a frustrating dead zone for me, where I'm not ready to go to bed but I really want to watch something good before I do. When I landed on it, they were in early season 2, which were still "safe" episodes I'd already seen, and I was blown away by how much I loved everything about it (except Maw Maw) and remembering how particularly much I adored Jimmy and Sabrina.

I bounced before we got to The Bad Episode and figured that'd be it, but I couldn't resist going back by the time they were deep in season 3, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I love it so much that I can't even make myself watch it in perfect order or savor the episodes; I'm totally addicted to whatever I can get. And I am so upset that there are only a total of four seasons. It is such a good, good, sweet and wonderful show. And married!Jimmy and Sabrina are just a joy to watch. I only ever saw like two and a quarter episodes where they were even in a relationship before I stormed out, so this is a special treat.

Ponderosa vid: ugh, poor Baylor. I had to watch those idiots greet Wes with open arms and shouts of happiness...and then total apathy for Baylor's arrival? Yuck. I've said for a long time that it was going to suck for the first woman to get sent there, unless it was Jaclyn after Jon, but I don't think there's anyone it's worse for than Baylor, being stuck with a bunch of frathouse bros and men mostly old enough to be her father and the only decent guys close to her age unfortunately not liking her all that much. When I compare it to how happy everyone else was to get Ponderosa as a consolation prize, I feel even worse that her hopes/expectations of Ponderosa were not even met.

I'M SORRY, WORLD, BUT I THINK SHE IS AWESOME AND I WILL BIG-SISTER THE CRAP OUT OF HER*. No amount of adorable coupledom is going to take precedence over a wholesome mother-daughter pair on my watch, Broadway Boyfriends! You know, I think Jon and Jaclyn should probably do what they're good at and mediate these two pairs until they get along.

*of course I get the impression that in her real life, she's decently popular, certainly above me, and not in need of my low-tier social cred for protection or anything else. But under the island circumstances, I think we would have gotten along well.
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