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I DEFY you not to love Marisol after that. I DEFY YOU.

Oh, my God, I am in a state of numbed shock.  As soon as the shock wears off, I'm going to start crying.  Literally crying.  Tears rolling down my face.  At the moment, I feel too frozen to really process it, but once reality sinks in, it will be painful.  I plan to stay in shock as long as possible.

But let's back up, kind of like the episode did.  One Hour Earlier...

I was annoyed with the "start at a dramatic moment and back up."  I hate when shows do that.  (fortunately, they didn't repeat *exactly* the same bit later, so it was okay)  But whatever, I wasn't that annoyed, because the ambulance ride played out exactly the way I expected.  There was reassurance, multiple sentences of it.  There was Sweetheart.  There was handholding.  Before I could even finish shrieking happily about it, we backed up to eight hours earlier WITH HORATIO AND MARISOL AT LUNCH.  Normal!  Happy!  With overtones of romance! Scene!  When was the last time we saw this on a CSI show?  Huh?

There was more Sweetheart.  There were cute plans of "a weekend in the country," along with dinner plans.  Oh yeah, and then there was the exchange of I LOVE YOU.  We did not even get those words on The X-Files.  I guess this is our payoff for not getting a kiss on this show, not even a little one on the cheek or the forehead.  I'm not planning on complaining, though.  (except for the really weird-sounding line "Are you happy with your new husband?" That was so...odd.  Were they just trying to work the word in any way they could?)

Eric and Marisol finally got to talk to each other civilly again.  I've missed that.

You know what?  I think I may die from an overdose of "Sweetheart" in this episode, if I don't have a heart attack from anxiety first.  The look on his face when he rushes up to the stretcher, cradling her head. I refuse to be annoyed by the discrepancy in camera shots where his hand is on her hair when you see them from the side, but nowhere in sight when the camera focuses on her face.

Grainiess of the ambulance interior.  This an annoying trick borrowed from NCIS.  Also, is it really the best thing to do to put your hand right over the wound until her blood seeps through your fingers?  Wouldn't the paramedic kind of frown upon that?  Also, I think it seems like that would be painful for her.  It's the kind of thing nitpickers notice, is all I'm saying.  The other thing I'm saying is that this scene (part of the preview) has kept me going for the duration of finals week and the stress of the weekend where I finished my final projects and packed up my room, so I love it and cherish it.

Kind of still part of this scene, but I'm calling new paragraph - the freaking car that cuts off the ambulance.  DAMN THEM!  Love the look of shock when the ambulance slams to a halt and he snaps, "What happened?!" Oh, and of course.  "Stay down...stay down... *bam*"  Oh, I love murderously vengeful Horatio. 

You'll notice I am skipping all the scenes in the middle, but I really did, for once, pay attention every single minute.  I just want to go to bed at a half-decent hour, so I'm skipping and jumping.  Shooting to the scene that began this know what, it deserves deluxe transcription, even though I don't know the name of the restaurant and have to make it up from what it sounded like. 

Sad Slo Mo of Love as Horatio enters the room.  He pulls a chair up right beside her bed and just looks at her, nearly overcome with emotion.

"Don't be sad," she says upon seeing his face.  He swallows, trying to collect himself, and then locks eyes with her.  "I have...dinner plans tonight," he replies, making her smile.
"Casa Tua," she whispers in recognition.
"Casa Tua," he affirms. 
"8:30," she adds in a whisper, and he repeats this too. "Did you get the good table?"
Nod.  "Got the good table."  She sighs, and there is a moment of silence between them.   
"You're not planning're not planning to stand me up, are you?" he teases gently, as if his voice isn't breaking at the end.

"Nev...never," she manages to whisper.  He holds her hand, squeezing it tightly.  She gives him one last nod and smile, then her eyes close peacefully, and she flatlines.  As the monitors emit their shrill noise and her hand falls limp in his, his thumb brushes across her wedding band, and then he gently releases her. 

This is the part where I burst into tears.  

There's still quite some time left in the episode, and I was riveted by it (this ep seemed to go on forever, in a good way), especially the AWESOME ending, but I'm tired and teary-eyed and need to stop now, okay?


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