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Tuesday dramas, plus a couple extras.

I'm in a spectacular mood tonight, given that this afternoon I found a place online to watch episode 5.13 of Without a Trace, "Eating Away," in its entirety.  (my Google skills know no bounds) Finally!  Though I'm really only concerned with the final scene.

Danny & Elena make my heart melt.  They really do.  His pleading puppy dog eyes are impossible to resist,  and the kiss he gave her at the end was as sweet as a French kiss can be.  Foolish promo department for their use of the phrase "nothing hotter than an office affair."  Not hot, and not an affair.  Those terms are cheap and meaningless.  Of course, I suppose it's hard to play up "loving and tender" in a dramatic voiceover.  That's okay.  I have another scene to add to my Shipper's Treasure Chest, and that's all that matters.
NCIS, "Trojan Horse"

*By the second scene in which the dopey guy referred to his wife by name in almost every single sentence, I began to suspect that there actually was no wife at all.  I kept waiting for Gibbs to swipe the phone and call the number himself.  Very disappointing when he didn't.  And that all I have to say about the case.

*Poor Cynthia...while I still think she has the coolest job at NCIS, I don't envy her attempting to make Gibbs heel and subsequently being barked at.   Although on that note, Gibbs makes such a terrible acting director that it's nothing short of hysterical to watch.  As in I could barely catch my breath at the look on poor Jen's face as he rattled off all the speaking engagements he'd accepted on her behalf.  Or the way he answered Jen's personal line.

*Jeanne?  What the hell would posses you to consider buying a house with your commitment-phobe boyfriend?   And even he didn't have a phobia of commitment, buying a house is a huge, longterm financial investment.  It doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd want to enter in with somebody unless you are thinking marriage in the future - and by "you thinking" I mean "both parties have discussed it as a possibility." Or if you're not big on something as confining and conventional as marriage, then have at least already been living together for some time and are planning to stay together for several years to come.  Who thinks this couple is at that stage now?  *cricket chirps*

*Why are we randomly hearing Jeanne's friend give her relationship advice, anyway?  Miss Benoit is not a main character. We don't need to be privy to all the little details of her life. 

*Ziva looked a little perturbed hearing Tony end the call with "I love you" without any hesitation.  So clearly jealousy/unhappiness.  Tiva lives!  I don't know quite what to make of it; I'll assume it's just a continuing shock to her that his relationship is not only still alive, but apparently thriving.

*Even though I want to be really grossed out by the "first time" discussion, because I always hate such discussions for being TMI, Ziva's face lighting up when she realized what they were talking about was great.  "OH!  My first time was in a weapons carrier."

* Jen thinks her father is long dead, but he really isn't?  Perhaps her personal vendetta against La Grenouille is that he killed her father.  I will stop speculating before I begin so as not to say things like "I bet her father is secretly in arms with the arms dealer." 

*Overall, I can't say I loved the episode.  Was a rather confusing, winding hour of two completely separate storylines competing for space, with neither really winning.  Here's hoping the finale is better.  (No love to the CMAs for randomly barging in a week earlier than they did last year and making me wait longer to see it. At least the cliffhanger they left us with wasn't very suspenseful.)
House, "Resignation"
HOUSE!  You could have killed Wilson!  You could have given him a stroke!  It could have been just like in Alien Tears! *beats him with his own cane* BAD HOUSE.  And in all seriousness, that does seem significantly dangerous, in terms of patient care if nothing else.  I would think being high would leave one open to a lot of potential mistakes and/or lawsuits.   And I don't think a heart rate of 185 is healthy for anyone in any scenario. 

Cameron waking up House...UM.  What in hell was that?  A free glee fit for the H/C shippers who've always wanted a quasi-tender scene like that?  Because although it served no purpose in the overall storyline, it was extraordinarily domestic and strangely intimate. 

Did I ever tell you how much I love Foreman when he insults his colleagues to their faces?  This is why he's my favorite duckling.

However, he is not half as great a duckling as Honey would be.  Did I ever tell you how much I love Piper Perabo?  I feel like I have, but maybe I didn't end up posting it.  Oh well, if I repeat myself so be it.  The answer is "a lot."   She's the lone reason I watched (and kind of enjoyed) Coyote Ugly; not only is she a great actress but I think she's one of the most beautiful women alive.  I'd kill to look like her.  Everything she touches turns to gold, so it goes without saying that Honey is my new favorite guest star on this show, second only to Hector the Terrier.  Will she ever get to come back?  Please say yes...
Law & Order: SVU - "Annihilated"

"Hey!  HEY!  There's no sex on SVU!! ...wait."  So says stunt_muppet, who took the words right out of my mouth.

Secondary comments: "I am not THAT much of a Kathy/Elliot shipper!" I yipped after The Scene that went on about a minute too long.  You know, I kind of suspected such a scene was coming, first with Ausiello's hints about a...[highlight for further spoilers] baby bombshell, followed by Christopher Meloni's comments about a "full moon" followed by Ausiello's clarification that it was "more like a waning crescent," but that still didn't prepare me for "OMGWTF THIS IS NOT NYPD BLUE!"

I spent a day in retroactive shock trying to convince myself that had actually happened.  On the one hand, the fact that they're married (or whatever they are now; I officially declare their relationship status to be "It's Complicated") doesn't give me quite the same uncomfortable feeling that random tumbling-into-bed scenes usually inspire.  And while I usually don't have any particular attraction toward Elliot, he looks really, really good in the buff.  Jaw-droppingly good.  People make sculptures trying to emulate this.  On the other hand, as I've stated many times, even for the hottest of men I draw the line at the waist.  I'm not interested in seeing even a hint of bare bum here.  Of course, since it *was* just a hint, maybe it's not all bad.

Back to the first hand, the fact that Kathy asked him to stay when she's the one who initiated the divorce in the first place gives me hope for their future.  And upon second viewing, it's actually not half as dirty as I thought.  I suppose it's aided by the sweetly singing flute in the background as the orchestral score takes over the dialogue, but there's something terribly sweeping and beautiful about it, protectively checking on his kids and ending up with her...this is right, and this is natural, reaffirming where he belongs.  The clasped hands were a nicely choreographed touch.  You know what?  I think I've become very much in favor of this scene.

I'll just pretend that Maureen didn't come along and douse my romantic notions with her "booty call" comment the next morning.  Let's assume she doesn't know what she's talking about. 

I apologize for my inability to comment on any other aspect of this episode, since it was a fantastic story (combined two of my major loves when it comes to SVU plotlines - man-with-secret-life + murder-of-entire-family), but it's just not possible for me to form any other coherent thoughts.  Other than, um, Elliot's a wee bit scary when his interrogation technique gets far enough out of hand that he comes *this* close to breaking the suspect's neck.
American Idol - 4 Becomes 3

1) "Pink? Really? PINK!" = my joyful exclamations as Idol manages to find a Filler Performer of the Week who doesn't suck.  Even though her multiple piercings + tattoos + short spiked hair = the kind of person you don't really want to look at or hang around near in real life, when she's not making obscene sexual references in her songs, I tend to love her music.  Turns out "Who Knew" is one of the good ones.  Loved it.

2) While Barry Gibb still seems like a terribly sweet and interesting man, I could have done without hearing him sing.  I don't even know how to describe how odd his voice was, although phrases like "Bob Dylan" and "redneck cowboy" come to mind.

3) "Too Much Heaven" is a Bee Gees song?  And nobody chose it?!  The hell!  Jordin could have taken it and made it fantastic.  That song was made for young female singers, and I know this because I only recognize it due to the chorus being used in one of my favorite M2M songs.  I will now be listening to their CDs on loop for the next 2 or 3 days. 

4) Results = Perfect.  As cool as the photo ops would have been to have the final 3 be composed of the Three Divine Divas, sending LaKisha (who can have her stupid random capitalization JUST THIS ONCE) home was absolutely the best choice.  I'm just sorry it took this long.
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