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Clearly I need to do one of these in order to motivate me to clean out my drawers. So. Alternate title...

Things Contained In One Nightstand Drawer
a.k.a. "this is the most pleased I have ever been with my cut text"

(and mind, this is after I cleaned all the bits of fallen wrappers, receipts, loose pills, and other garbage out of it)

Normal Storage
-1950s Disney flip book
-Dog pins
-Cell phone carrying case
-Mostly-full mini notebooks
-Mini hairbrush
-Hair binders
-Pencil sharpener
-Various trading cards, Pokemon and otherwise
-Bag full of bead lizards and battery-less virtual pets
-Blank cards + envelopes
-North of a dozen random pieces of paper memorabilia I meant to add to my scrapbook one day. Many unfortunately crumpled with all the other junk crammed in
-CareCredit pamphlet
-Bottle of Ibuprofen

The "How Did That Get In There?" Section
-North of 40 Coke caps (I entered up to my limit for the week and subsequently chucked 33 of them)
-Enough candy to fill a small plastic container (please remind me to stop buying hard candy)
-Spare tampon
-3 Band-aids
-2 missing earrings (not a pair)
-4 necklaces
-6 quarters + 72 cents in smaller change
-Gas coupon
-Nail polish
-The eyeshadow I was desperate to find a month ago
-Various (unused) plastic utensils
-Various tiny plastic animals I haven't thrown into the collection yet
-Package of Kleenex
-2 compact mirrors (no wonder I keep losing them)
-My regular compact (Self, you have like four different makeup bags -- mostly empty, because of reasons like this)
-A Scrabble tile
-Instructions to Bananagrams
-Target gift card with $1.13 left on it (woohoo!)
-Extra Savers Club card
-Cover for an earbud
-Instructions to Sim City 4 (I forgot I even bought that game)

What's in your wallet nightstand drawer?
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