RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

So that was New Year's...

It is genuinely scary to me that 2005 was A DECADE AGO. I had a lot of good times in 2005! Xanga was big and Facebook barely existed! And best of all, that summer I jumped back into online fandom with CSI and Lost, after having pretty much left the concept behind with the cancellation of X-Files, and have never left.

My New Year's Eve was pretty good. Since my mom currently can't have alcohol or sit at a table to play board games, and isn't eating outside of regular meals due to being so sedentary, our usual family activities were curtailed so my mom urged me to spend it with my boyfriend. That is definitely a first!

We wanted to find somewhere neat to be at midnight, but Going Places after dark isn't really our specialty, so with no ideas we just went to dinner and then hung out at his place for the rest of the night. We spent part of the night with him playing through To The Moon for me -- there's really very limited gameplay, as it's all story-based, so it was pretty much like watching a movie. We got about 70% of the way through, and it's really intriguing so don't spoil me, but it's a game he really loves and I have already cried a bunch, so it was a good time.

Other large portions of the night were spent playing with the dogs (his mom's toy poodle and the Yorkie mix foster), who were very exuberant and playful and delightful, and even though I was exhausted and about to cry from wanting to sleep by 11:30, I shook myself awake near midnight when we went out to watch a bit of the Seacrest New Year, enjoy not-so-sparkling-but-DELICIOUS peach moscato. I stayed another 40 minutes and laughed a ridiculous amount, between his parents' comments on the terrible performances and the antics of the dogs, who kept alternately wrestling each other and jumping all over the sofas and into everyone's laps on a determined quest to lick either faces or the rims of our wine glasses or both.
Today I just slept until noon and hung out at home. We watched Begin Again, which is an AMAZING movie, even better than I hoped it would be. It's just so feel-good and there are none of those 11th hour Conflicts that usually happen to positive stories with around 15 minutes left, which I always dread to the point that it makes my stomach lurch. And what a BEAUTIFUL soundtrack. The official one apparently has Cee Lo on it, which sounds gross and ruinous, but in the movie it's just 100% fantastic music, most of that being Keira Knightley, non-professionally-trained singer, working an AMAZING light/low register that is everything I want to hear from girls with acoustic guitars, coffeehouse style. I'm listening to "Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home" right now and I could almost swear it's Dianna Agron, that's how good it is.
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