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The Music of 2014: Quarter 4

I'm just gonna keep rolling on through the Year in Review memes. One more after I finish with this year's music.

47. Frozen Soundtrack – Frozen Heart
Cut through the heart, cold and clear
Strike for love and strike for fear
There's beauty and there's danger here
Split the ice apart

I cannot believe how fantastic this is considering it's a half-chanting work song sung entirely by men. All I can say is that the Nordic music is amazing and the verses are super-invigorating.

48. Frozen Soundtrack – For the First Time in Forever
The window is open; so's that door
I didn't know they did that anymore!

Lots of cheerful flute music, cutesy happiness everywhere. It's so childish Disney that I don't want to like it, but...optimism is contagious. (of course, do I also really love Elsa's angst-filled chorus and her contrasting harmonies of anxiety at the end? Yup)

49. Frozen Soundtrack – Love Is An Open Door
I never met someone who thinks so much like me
(Jinx! Jinx again!)

Mellow and casually catchy. Equally Cheesy Disney as the above, I'm honestly surprised by how many times I've listened to this. Although that might be because I originally thought the male half was Jonathan Groff. (p.s. WHO HIRES J.GROFF FOR A MUSICAL MOVIE AND DOESN'T GIVE HIM GOOD SONGS.)

50. For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
I'm such a fool, I can't be free
No escape from the storm inside of me

I get actual chills at the end of this as Elsa's panic reaches its final crescendo. Actually, I get chills the moment Idina Menzel enters, because I seriously feel like I'm listening to a bonus song from Wicked.

51. Loreena McKennitt -- As I Roved Out
And who are you, my pretty fair maid
And who are you, me honey?
She answered me quite modestly:
I am me mother's darling.
The story of a knave – but my, an entertaining one. Fantastic dance-worthy music to kick off the CD.

52. Loreena McKennitt -- The Star of the County Down
That's the gem of Ireland's crown
Young Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann,
She's the star of the County Down

Even more invigorating music, my favorite on the CD because it always calls to mind images of the Irish Fair. Slightly classier dude at the center of this one. Anyway, these two are definitely the album standouts, but there are a couple more I like below.

53. Loreena McKennitt -- Brian Boru's March
Pretty much your quintessential instrumental Celtic ramble, repeating the same few bars with different layers and instrumentation in ear-pleasing ways.

54. Loreena McKennitt -- The Emigration Tunes
A more somber instrumental, bringing to mind fog, windswept sea and craggy isles.

55. The Script – Superheroes
Now she's stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow

After the beautiful job they did on “Hall of Fame,” OH GOD HOW I WISH GLEE COULD RESCUE THIS SONG TOO. But I guess I'll settle for its existing version until I find out whether they'll have a chance to cover it before that avenue shuts down. This is all just very inspiring-sounding, and it could very easily be killed with overplay on a PSA, so I'm grateful I haven't encountered anything like that.

56. Colbie Caillat -- Try
This is what you want, to belong, so they like you
Do you like you?

First of all, the music video made me cry, so there's that. Also, I feel like Colbie Cailat's whole career has been a string of near-hits, trying super hard to make me like her, but she finally did it. Within seconds of the first time I heard this song on the radio, my heart lit up for joy.

P.S. Dear Meghan Trainor, this is how you make a good song about self esteem. You have to do with pretty, gentle music, not Nicki Minaj noise.

P.P.S. Lord, I know they're running out of time, but I desperately wish Glee would cover this. Although to be more specific, because it's in a low register, I would give two toes if they could somehow have Quinn cover it solo. I would give one toe if Glee could have any combination of Rachel, Marley, Tina, Kitty and/or Santana take it over.
Disclaimer: Kitty and/or Santana must have at least one additional person in the group because this is a song for good girls

57. Ella Henderson – Ghost
I keep going to the river to pray

At first I was hella disappointed by the upbeat jazzy swing of the verses ruining the powerful opening/chorus. But through sheer force of will, I learned to accept them. The premise is just too neat not to.


58. HIMYM soundtrack (ft. Wayne Brady/Alan Thicke) – Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm (WORST TITLE EVER)
Once there was this boy who
Wore a lot of suits and said that stuff was legendary
He gave lots of high fives and swore
That he would never get married

Is this the song from the rehearsal dinner? I was in a minor rage blackout over Barney's lies by that point when it aired and I've avoided it ever since, but the falsetto seems familiar. Found it, and the rest of this year's songs, when I tried to look up the original HIMYM soundtrack on Spotify and instead found “HIMYM: Deluxe Edition,” featuring stuff from seasons 8 and 9.

59. HIMYM soundtrack – You're All Alone (instrumental)
Awww, it's the Sad/Contemplative Piano.

60. HIMYM soundtrack – And There She Was (instrumental)
But wait! Here's the Happy Ukelele! And a preview of the vocals in “Mmm Mmm Mmm.” I especially love when the accordion kicks in and just goes nuts in the last 40 seconds.

61. HIMYM soundtrack – The Robin (instrumental)
And this one's just all glittery and happy and triumphant, almost like it's describing the one woman who completes Barney's life and ultimately changes him. I'm not even sure what all I hear – piano, bell set, snare drum, guitar, harp, other strings? – but they layer beautifully.

And that's it! See you next year! Maybe I will listen to things on the regular again?? I've already got two movie soundtracks to mine for highlights, at least.
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