RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Quick Hits (subtitled "I don't even know what day of the week it is anymore")

+ I finally got to pet the cat Chris has been hiding* from me since we met! (*well, not literally, but they live on different levels of the house)A black and white beauty, her coat was short but very thick and a tad oily, but she was still wonderful and she purred for me and didn't run away or in fact both to move out of her bed, so I count that as a win. Even though I'm still so out of practice being around cats that I'm like, 'FELINE: how pet tiny bones creature??'

+ As everyone on Goodreads knows, I went to the library to browse the regular YA section for the first time in like 3 months and it was amazing; I came home with 8 novels so at least one of them must be great. It has been a grand joy reading so many old animal stories of late, but there is another something very wonderful about collecting a treasure trove of high school girl experiences. I think the animal stories are probably better in the long run, but apparently you need to strike a good balance.

+ I found a box of Fiber One chocolate chip cookies at the dollar store today. BEST! Fiber One desserts truly are delicious, and they also truly force you to moderate yourself because if you eat more than 2 in a day, you learn it is not worth it. And two is more the limit for "indulgence with minimal discomfort."

+ I also went back to Herberger's Clearance, which is 95% ugliness in summer but apparently only like 60% ugliness in winter, and I know it's probably bad that I am ALREADY thrifting, but I think it's worth it because I found bikini bottoms* for $2 and got a lovely gray sweater dress with a snowflake pattern on the cuffs and hems for $5. That is considerably cheaper than the Savers one block down and I am very impressed.

*Swimwear is ridiculously expensive, but if I have half, I'm quite certain that I can find a tankini top to match at Target and halve my cost

+ Did I do anything else exciting with my day? I keep avoiding my second Year In Fandom Review because I've been in agony for three weeks trying to choose the top ten shippy scenes, and at this point I want to just chuck the whole thing out the window and declare my single favorite moment (spoiler alert: it's the last Klaine scene of Glee 5x16, which I never even wrote about on LJ), but I'm very stubborn about wanting to recognize as much romance as possible. This would be much easier if Under the Dome wasn't such a shipper's paradise in at least 80% of episodes.  NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING, it's just, Barbie & Julia not only do all the things I want couples to do, they do each thing several times over.

Anyway, I finally have to resume working full time tomorrow (well, my version of full time), so I'm trying to convince myself to make SOME kind of progress tonight, whether it's finishing easy shops or just reviewing new work, because none of it's really hard but I also know that I am not in shape to blaze through a full 4 or 5 hours' worth of work in the morning without stopping. So far I've finished 10% of what was due. It's been about 80 minutes since I sat down at the computer, and that should have taken 15 minutes. Which means I probably should have tried going to bed and being well rested instead, but...

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