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♫I know it doesn't matter if / I write this in a jiff / or if I spend all night on stuuuuupid rhymes
But it was such delight / To watch a washed-up knight / I really love all of these craaaacky times♫

FOR REAL. Like I spent the whole hour just grinning like the local fool, lightly following but not really caring about plot so much as just superbly impressed by all these famous and/or TV famous celebrities who seemed excited to ham it up like nobody's business. I assume the director and whole production team gave orders along the lines of "act like you're in a stage production of The Princess Bride written for 7-year-olds," and "take nothing seriously, under pain of cartoonish death." Speaking of, King Richard is definitely 2015's #1 Villain. BEST UNMANLY DUDE. (I wonder if he has ever accidentally sexed anyone out a window?)

But for actual favorite characters and not just cartoon villains, it's a tie between the genuine Friesian that Galavant is riding his boring face around on, or the super wonderful Long Named Princess of Valencia. I feel like she's instantly everything that I just did not get on first sight of Abbie Mills that everyone else did. I just need to learn which name she goes by. TV Line says it's Isabella. Yay! I am not connecting with Emily Blunt's Doppelganger too much yet, but still curious to see where her ambitious arc goes. And I definitely want to see where Magnitude goes.

In conclusion, 100% RIDICULOUS AND AWESOME FUN. I am not even doing justice to how off the wall and unapologetically CUCKOO it all is. I very much look forward to behind-the-scenes filming extras. I bet you could not have improved the general mood on that set more even if you had turned a pack of puppies loose.

Based on audience reception so far, I bet the person who wrote that "running through two episodes a week (before February sweeps start) isn't an event, it's burnoff," is rethinking that statement.

Also, I'm very glad I watched it live, because apparently by "comedy extravangza" they partly meant "we will write the voiceover scripts for our other shows' promos to the tune of this show's theme song, and play them during every commercial break." I'm just impressed by the versatality. It's not a big stretch to describe The Goldbergs or The Middle, but working Revenge and Resurrection seems tougher. IS THERE ONE FOR CASTLE? THAT WOULD BE BEST.

P.S. UNRELATEDLY: I clicked on the most mean-spirited celebrity list I've ever seen, "15 Celebrities with Unattractive Significant Others," which was surprisingly mostly valid -- for instance, if you look like Isla Fischer and marry Sacha Baron Cohen, I will judge you for many reasons -- but then #2 was "John Krasinski and Emily Blunt." I literally stared at the headline for three full minutes trying to figure out which one was supposed to be the unattractive one. Then I chose wrong.
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