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2 Broke Girls and the Magically Delightful Season 4

My Wednesday was just miserable, and I missed the PCAs like I always do because WHY ARE YOU ON A RANDOM WEDNESDAY, although tbf that's probably a good thing since I'm behind on all the shows they'd likely be playing clips from. After a quick glance, I am unclear how Grey's Anatomy came back out of obscurity and won left and right, but I see Colfer nailed his category again, which is awesome. I am not presently logged into Tumblr but I look forward to finding out if he danced with Cooper as promised.

Anyway, since my Wednesday was SO very miserable and I was even more depressed when I found out Stalker wasn't actually coming back until next week, I curled up in bed and caught up on that adorable/arguably very crude show about best friends in a Boston marriage.

I feel like I'm in The Mirror's Magic Sights at this point. What strange land have I entered where things go well for the girls? Where I full enjoy watching episodes? Where I'm not crying because so much time is being wasted on Y-Chromosome-Having creeps and morons? IT'S SO GREAT, NEVER STOP.

And The Old Bike Yarn: granted, this one I watched a while ago when this was the only show I had to fall asleep to, so it took me 4 tries to finish and I'm still not sure I fully saw what the crazy yarn lady on a bike did, but from what I did see it was hysterical. Also, Caroline teaching Max how to ride a bike was super adorable. The only thing that beat it was Mad Max later riding down people who have angered her on said bike.

And the Brand Job: Wait, I saw this one a while ago too. I vaguely remember it being just this side of too embarrassing for me to suffer through, but I made it and I'm a lot happier for it. I loved their fake names and their fights. And glimpses of Max being successful. But mostly THE KOOSH TSUNAMIS OF DISAPPROVAL.

And the Model Apartment: As far as "Our Annual Contract With Victoria's Secret's Aspiring Actress-Models" episodes go, that is by far my favorite. So sweet! The models were so sweet.And they gave Max a whole rack of rack-supporters, which was almost as delightful as Caroline's angel wings. (pssst. Even if she didn't wear a bra, I'm pretty sure you sell, like, really nice panties you could have given her...? But OK.) I just loved their enthusiasm for living in a squalid hole for the "real experience," which remained largely undampened even after toilet overflow and a bucket of rats destroyed their party. When they still paid the girls (a ridiculous amount) for being brave warriors of survival in that hole on a daily basis, I nearly wept tears of joy.

I also really loved the models being so hot that Max spontaneously becomes gay, and Max & Caroline leaning out the window to peer down upon the skylight. In related news, THAT PATIO HAS A SKYLIGHT?? WHAT THE DAMN HELL. Now I want to live there. Though let's be real, I would stay at least one night with cockroaches if you promised me a "live in horse." (but what about the live in cat? WHERE IS NAN-JINXY.)

And a Loan for Christmas: Still weeping for joy, just fyi. There were 8 million ways for that to go wrong, but I kept hoping against hope it wouldn't, and it didn't! That is my favorite Christmas episode in recent memory. Just seeing Max get all mushy about Caroline technically getting her "everything," even if she didn't get her a specific Christmas gift, did it for me. And I must reluctantly admit that those shirts are growing on me. I also quite enjoyed the nativity scene thing with Sofie.

4x08, And the Fun Factory: Hey, It's That Guy! The guy with the main shares in the company. That guy is so good at being smarmy. I thought this one might be awful, but they didn't get fired as clients, so that must count for something, right? This was not my favorite, but I still liked it. Especially Caroline going gaga for free fancy food.

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