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Thursday dramas? You killed me.

Will do most of them tomorrow; I need to get Without a Trace off my chest first.  Immediately.  Before I spontaneously combust:

*eye twitch*

Season finales should not end with the words "to be continued."

Particularly when I couldn't care less about the new missing person, and all I want to see is something sweet and fuzzy with Danny and Elena and Sophie.  I stayed up in my stuffy, stuffy room for a whole extra hour without a break (yes, I know, 'woe is me'), carefully cutting commercials and extraneous case stuff so as to include only moments between the first two on my tape.  I waited on pins and needles for some kind of payoff on that "come over tonight" scene, and it is not coming UNTIL FREAKING SEPTEMBER.  If it comes at all. 

*eye twitch*

I should probably be placed in a straitjacket for the CSI finale.

No, really.  Spoilers for 6x01 are up at YTDAW, but since it's a totally unrelated case I was not aware we'd be stuck on a cliffhanger.  (guess this is continued in 6x02 or 3 or something) Consequently, at 9:50 I started looking nervously at the clock, biting my nails but going "Okay, we still have time...9:54, there's still time, okay, I only need a minute and we can go straight up until 10..."  Every time the scene changed I'd leap up like a dog waiting for walk time only to sink back down in disappointment.  It went like this:

"Any other time of the year I'd be glad to hear about Jack and Viv winding down over drinks, except that Jack and Viv are not Danny and Elena.  Move along."

"Okay, there's some weird person following Jack, whom I can't help but notice is not Danny or Elena.  So unless the person is Anne randomly back from Minnesota and ready to try again, this scene is wasting my time."

"Oh, it's Carlos.  Damn.  And Jack is still not Danny, Elena or Sophie, so I don't care if Carlos is threatening him!!"


o be continued....?   %(#&$(#$@!!"

*headdesk* In protest of this horrible manipulating of my hopes, I refuse to say one word about the case.  Instead, I will say things like:
  • "I figured you could use a pick-me-up."  aw.
  • Until he gets into private conversations with Jack, where he's a seething ball of hostility over Carlos being released.  Danny's grouchiness stems in part, I think, from the fact that he knows he's being irrational.  That lovely hot-blooded temper of his is fired up, so he blames all the current problems on Jack's refusal to let him take a shot, as if THAT would have made things all better.   Jack says as much, pointing out that it would only have embroiled Danny in OPR investigations and possibly gotten him thrown out of the FBI.  Jack sounds...logical.  It's scary.  Anyway, Danny immediately crabs that he'd be rather be working security in a mall if it meant Elena and Sophie were safe.  Oh, you would not.  But it sounds very noble and heroic the way you say it right here, and it's easy to see why in your current state of short-sightedness you'd believe it.
  • There is also some long-overdue bitching about how apparently only Jack Malone is allowed to consistently bend and break the rules as he sees fit.  It might be in the form of a rant, but he has a point.
  • Absolutely love Danny storming off after seeing the mother reunited with her missing daughter, exactly the same scene he witnessed a couple of months ago.  He's not in the most stable frame of mind right now, though, so I hope he doesn't do something stupid.
  • I promise to temporarily forget all my bitterness by repeatedly watching Elena asking him to come over...something make Sophie feel safer.  "Yeah, how about you?" "Me too."  It's not much, but there are sweet smiles and a handhold so I'll take it.
  • Except for the part where I ask Vivian what the hell was up with her hair, all slicked back in a bun except for the random wavy bang fringe that looked like a bad toupee falling off her head.
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