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A Moment in the Sun

Went to see Night at the Museum 3, and I don't know if it was just seeing it on the big screen again or what, but it beat the sequel by a mile and restored all the magic of the first film. To my very pleasant surprise, Rebel Wilson was nicely sequestered to a few short segments and unable to ruin the movie. The worst part was Neanderthal Ben Stiller, and even he got left out of the main action, so really it was joy all around! Favorite new creatures: nothing was better than the wild Triceratops...unless it was the pack of stone lions. Or the dancing golden Asian statue of something. Or the stone Chinese serpent of many heads, which was just way scarier than the basilisk in Harry Potter.

Came home and watched Galavant, to whose ending I say what the hell, man.

*puts on pouty Richard voice* Okay, you know what, I WAS really hoping you were going to get a second season, but if you're going to get all cocky and hedge your bets on a cliffhanger, then pooh. I'm not going to play. NO DEAL. If you wrangle a position in 2016 I will not make the effort to watch you. And it's pretty likely I wouldn't accidentally watch you anyway because it was a real hassle to watch you this year, and I really only did it because -- silly me! -- I thought you were going to tell a cohesive story and I thought this might be the one time in my life I could appreciate a genuine limited-run series.

So, anger over that is clouding my thoughts, but I definitely enjoyed Madalena's triumphant queenly rule at the end, starting with a good old fashioned elder stabbing. Bitches be ambitious. I like it. The other thing I really liked was the drunken Galavant/Richard bronanigans as they alternately sneaked through the castle and sang "Secret Mission" in only occasionally-sneaky voices. That song was the best thing Galavant has participated in since making a flying faceplant while failing to leap onto his horse.

I'm trying to judge the shows' chances of a season 2, because the popular and critical reception seems pretty good, but up to this point it's also been shedding a lot of viewers. It's not in dire dire straights if you just want something to shove into a dead zone, but at 3.42 total viewers for its last outing, it's also not great. And its 18-49 target demo numbers are pretty painful -- things around 1.0 generally don't scream success story. BUT, I also don't track enough of ABC to know how it compares to other shows, so I wonder if it could still pull out of this. I'll wait for the finale numbers. Or more likely, official word.

And because I am soaking up ALL the television tonight, I finished Bad Judge.

1x11: Naked and Afraid, besides making me think "I should buy a silk robe" and also "I should get a body that would look good in a silk robe," was pretty hilarious, and I loved the punchy ending about Rebecca's refusal to apologize because she didn't do anything wrong. And this is from someone who tends to think the mere act of taking a naked selfie is so tacky it should be illegal.

1x12, Lockdown: Unhinged Tedward going nuts over his stolen granola bars was pretty awesome. It was eclipsed only by the double-awesomeness of Judy & Judge Hernandez convincing Tom to try various methods of escape, which tend to involve him getting tackled or taking painful, hilarious falls.

1x13, Case Closed: Huzzah for Rebecca closing 1,000 cases, Tedward and Gary buying her dead van's identical twin in celebration (I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS), and coming full circle by more or less repeating her opening montage. No growth! That's the way we do it. (or maybe some growth, since she woke up next to an alleged boyfriend this time and put on pants that covered more than her butt? I felt like there were subtle key differences meant to convey that something had changed, but I could not see them)

All in all, I feel like it had a decent run, and ended in a good place, as comedies often do.
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