RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Best fictional TV couple, except not fictional

I made my peace with living far from New York (where you could totally have seen the Broadway Boyfriends show at 54 Below for barely $50 a person) the day the blizzard shut the city down/canceled the first night and reduced it to one overcrowded show, but I casually checked the Twitter tonight and al;sdjfal;skdjfal;skjdlksjf:

"And then he proposed! In front of everyone!"

And now my heart is flooded with joy, reinvigorated with the shipping flame after weeks of a relatively dreary and loveless television landscape. Of course it happened when I'd finally lost the pins-and-needles anticipatory/hopeful feeling that it might happen at any moment. I don't even know why I didn't consider this event as a possibility.

Also, the amount I need them to make good on promises about this show being professionally recorded is now at least fifteen times greater. That photo alone promises me wonderful things.
Tags: reed kelly

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