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Dreams still come true / and the finale is you

I'm just going to spend all evening delighting in engagement pics. (side note: that oddly sparkly ring for a man to wear) Awww, and now video! That is quite different from the myriad of things I pictured, and possibly makes me question the element of shock involved, but no matter. Would you listen to that? I'm pretty sure this is actually Glee come to life.

Also, I need a tag to better reflect the pair, since I'm falling in love with Josh's gorgeous voice to the point where I'm starting to replay this video for the song more than the proposal. (It's a really great song. I want there to be an entire musical written around the love story described in this song. Not them, something fictional and wonderful with at least 27 more songs. The sort of thing you'd see on Smash, but fluffier.)

SPEAKING OF MUSICALS, "Begin Again" is still probably the greatest thing to hit my brain this month, and I've been playing the soundtrack on a near-daily basis. I love it as-is, but I also can't stop remixing it in my head with Dianna Agron in Keira Knightley's part.  I would even let them keep Adam Levine in this scenario. (but since I'm already in fantasy land, imagine another AU where they cast Darren Criss. With her, or with Keira, or with anyone. He would be so dashing he could make it work with almost anyone.)

By the way: super grateful that former attache to the project Scarlett Johansson dropped out. That would have been a perfect example of ScarJo butting in and ruining things poised to be awesome with her bland and ubiquitous face, and I cannot believe the universe actually course-corrected its mistake in this instance.
The movie just keeps getting better!
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