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1. GUYS, I finally finished the 2014 fandom meme! I'm going to need you to click this link to revisit it, because in about a year I'm going to pretend I posted it on December 31 all along. In fairness, I did post it then privately, I just waited until now to tweak some of the wording on the top shippy moments and add some pics/links.

2. The Mindy Project, 3x12, "Stanford"
You guys, this episode was not only good, it was SO good that I immediately turned around and watched it a second time. I have watched it twice more since then. I might watch it again before I go to bed. I'm not quite comfortable calling it my favorite episode ever, but it's starting to feel like it is. There was not a thing I disliked.


  • Every single second of the teaser. ("Who will be my Ben? Who will be my Noel?" / "Me, you dope. I'm all the guys.")

  • Including her pink leather jacket

  • The schmoopy look on Danny's face while Mindy is excitedly detailing all the clubs she might join. It is a very specific combination of pride, affection and hopelessly smitten attachment that he very rarely nails, but when he does, he sells it.

  • Mindy's ultra precious dorm-room decorating

  • Danny whipping out Brown Bear and holding it up next to his face, as if saying, "I dare you to decide who's more adorable."

  • Every single second of Mindy's interactions with Neepa, first-generation immigrant who works at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet and has no patience for spoiled second-generations and their obsession with sex positions and nail art.

  • Mindy showing up to the B.A.S.H. in a hot pink and inappropriately tight, boob-baring dress, contrasted with a lecture hall of white lab coats. (Mindy on the flier: "It's a little misleading." / Random faux-polite doctor: "All of us easily understood the acronym.")

  • Danny indicating he'd feel more comfortable if the car's navigation system had a man's voice. Oh how I have missed Curmudgeonly Defender of Gender Roles Danny.

  • Mindy insulting the bike-car, and Dr. Gurglar's excessive defensiveness

  • A distraught Rob The Man pedaling himself right into a security scooter. Haha! Slapstick. Love it.

  • The fact that Mindy secretly a) dyes Danny's gray hairs black in his sleep and b) takes in his pants at the crotch to accentuate his bulge.

  • Danny getting all hot and bothered thanks to a confusing game of Footsie. I feel like normally this is the kind of thing I would find gross and annoying, but somehow watching him squirm is hilarious to me.

  • Danny rightly and sternly and hotly pointing out, "My fault? I don't think so."

  • Mindy's stunned reaction to Danny not denying that he doesn't think she can do this on her own. I love it when he just lays hard truths on her.

  • Danny walking out, despite Mindy's quiet yet soul-punching "What are you doing? Stop packing."

  • Danny coming back because he realized if the plane went down, he wouldn't want their last words to be a fight. GOOD MAN. Still right to walk out the first time, but only fully right if you come back exactly like this.

  • Also the fact that while waiting for her, he dozed off holding Brown Bear on his chest

  • The make-up kissing. Something about the way she leans over him and how he wraps his arms around her to pull her closer always lights up all the recognition sensors of my brain in delight.


  • Danny hanging up on Morgan after "Answer me right now, what is more important: your relationship with Dr. Lahiri, or this basketball team I made you join 2 days ago?"

  • Jeremy being comically terrible at "basketsball." Why wouldn't you assume the object is to score the least points, really?

  • Peter plays pickup basketball as an excuse to use black slang. (He would.)

  • Tamra's fierce appearance on the basketball court, with Team Morgan's Worst Nightmare T-shirts. Her storylines have been about dating gross white dudes for so long that I had forgotten why I love her. I've watched this part like 10 times.

  • Watching the basketball game play out to the soundtrack of a very effectively placed rap song that I'm sort of addicted to now.  Especially loved the slo-mo arc of the basketball going up into the net on "and the hands go up! ..."

  • Yeardley Smith being the star of Tamra's team. It works both as a sight gag and if you actually know who she is.

  • Tamara hooking up with a hot/smart dude at the end. Finally, someone worthy!

Tamra: As an at-risk youth, this basketball program is really the only thing keeping me off the street.
Peter:  OK, that sounds like a lie, but also something that I will get in trouble for if I say no to.

Danny: Rob the Man! That's what I used to call him, in med school. I came up with it.
Mindy: Oh, like Dan the Man.
Danny: Nah, it's different.

Barbara: With you working all hours in the lab, who's going to take care of our home?
Rob: We have no children.
Barbara: We have a RABBIT. And that's harder, because it can't tell you what it wants.
(side note: I love Barb)

Tamra: When did this happen?
Morgan: Christmas...ish?
Tamra: When I was on my Habitat for Humanity trip? I'm out there hugging bare-ass Appalachian kids and you're dating a JERSICA, which isn't even a real name?

Danny: I thought it was your foot!
Mindy: Oh come on, Danny, you know that my talons would have torn you to shreds.

Tamra: You shoot like my cousin Sheena, and she's got mad carpal tunnel from her keyboard!

"What are you doing? Stop packing."

Tamra: You have no idea what this is like. I'm in love with someone who works in the same hospital. And now he's dating this cool, attractive doctor.
Peter: Tamra, that literally just happened to me.
Tamra: I don't remember that.
Peter: Do you not listen to anything or pay attention to anything I do or say?

(side note: I hope there's a .gif of this because I feel like it is the perfect description of how I've viewed Peter for most of this series.)

Mindy: She is stepping out on you. I did not mean for that to be a pun, but it sure works. If the shoe fits. There. I made it just a real fertile area.

Mindy: I know I didn't come from another country, but I had to sacrifice a lot too. Like Neepa, or Permud, or Groot, or Rocket the Raccoon.
Rob: I think some of those are Guardians of the Galaxy.
Also, I'm halfway through the next episode, and I don't know if I can finish it because it is SO GREAT and I think I might die of depression when she doesn't dump Danny on the spot to hook up with Alex. I mean, I just got to a place where I'm finding Danny devastatingly romantic. Do I really want to spoil that?
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